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Trouble A Dog, A Mountain, And An Ancient Slave Ship Are Featured In This Latest Page Turner From A Versatile, Award Winning AuthorClimbing Katahdin, The Highest Mountain In Maine, Is The Goal That Henry Sets Himself When His Brother Dies Following A Car Accident Along With His Dog, His Best Friend, And Surprisingly The Cambodian Boy Whose Car Was Involved In The Fatal Accident, Henry Experiences A Journey That Is Both Physically Daunting And Spiritually Exhilarating The Writing Combines Breathtaking Nature Imagery And Hilarious Comedy, As Only Gary Schmidt Can

10 thoughts on “Trouble

  1. Betsy Betsy says:

    You know, as a children s librarian Gary Schmidt gives me no end of for lack of a better word trouble As far as I can tell, he s probably one of those authors that doesn t like to begin writing a book by pigeonholing it for a single age group

  2. JonathanT JonathanT says:

    Even on the second time through, this book KNOCKED ME FROM MY FEET The plot is smooth and consistent, and it glides along with precision all the way to the shocking conclusion The characters are real and honest The atmosphere is set with careful w

  3. Molly Molly says:

    Gary Schmidt is probably my favorite children s writer after the venerable Katherine Paterson I love both of them as phenomenal people, and admire them both madly as writers So that s a disclaimer of sorts That said I didn t love TROUBLE as much as LIZ

  4. Chris Chris says:

    I ve found that some authors make me feel good about my own abilities as a writer I read their work, and I think to myself, OK, I m relatively certain I m at least in the same league with this and such author No such luck with Gary Schmidt This guy is an ab

  5. Jenna Buss Jenna Buss says:

    The first few pages were difficult to get through, because the author spent WAY too much time describing the setting However, I enjoyed how the author developed the characters throughout the book, as well as the plot twists that left me stunned.Now that I think

  6. Heather Heather says:

    This is myreview Another amazing coming of age novel from Schmidt, plus SO muchI can t begin to explain how much I adore this book I thought Wednesday Wars was near perfect, but having just finished Trouble, I don t know which one I like better Schmidt is an amazingl

  7. Ryan Ryan says:

    My favorite sentences from this book are He could see pink and white blossoms in nearby orchards, and farther away, the brief yellow of the daffodils, so bright they looked as if Van Gogh had just come from them with his paint brush still wet in his hand pg 108 A heart th

  8. Dian Cronan Dian Cronan says:

    I orginally read this one in a search for something to pair with Touching Spirit Bear in my Language Arts class This novel provides an interesting look into the family dynamics when dealing with loss, as well as mystery and racisim against Cambodians, something a lot of people

  9. Joyce Yattoni Joyce Yattoni says:

    I admit I did have a little trouble getting through the first few pages while Mr Schmidt spent quite a bit if time describing the setting, the Smith s home in the pretentious Blythbury by the Sea But then he got to work on creating his characters rather quickly Henry changes throug

  10. Lisa Simmons Lisa Simmons says:

    Engaging storytelling, skillful writing, fascinating plot line Suspenseful, dramatic Even though I knew some of main plot points thanks to back cover and reviews, I was never sure how the author would get us there or where the story would go afterwards I don t think all storylines with

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