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So Youve Been Publicly Shamed Now A New York Times Bestseller And From The Author Of The Psychopath Test, A Captivating And Brilliant Exploration Of One Of Our World S Most Underappreciated Forces ShameIt S About The Terror, Isn T It The Terror Of What I Said The Terror Of Being Found OutFor The Past Three Years, Jon Ronson Has Travelled The World Meeting Recipients Of High Profile Public Shamings The Shamed Are People Like Us People Who, Say, Made A Joke On Social Media That Came Out Badly, Or Made A Mistake At Work Once Their Transgression Is Revealed, Collective Outrage Circles With The Force Of A Hurricane And The Next Thing They Know They Re Being Torn Apart By An Angry Mob, Jeered At, Demonized, Sometimes Even Fired From Their Job A Great Renaissance Of Public Shaming Is Sweeping Our Land Justice Has Been Democratized The Silent Majority Are Getting A Voice But What Are We Doing With Our Voice We Are Mercilessly Finding People S Faults We Are Defining The Boundaries Of Normality By Ruining The Lives Of Those Outside It We Are Using Shame As A Form Of Social Control Simultaneously Powerful And Hilarious In The Way Only Jon Ronson Can Be, So You Ve Been Publicly Shamed Is A Deeply Honest Book About Modern Life, Full Of Eye Opening Truths About The Escalating War On Human Flaws And The Very Scary Part We All Play In It.

10 thoughts on “So Youve Been Publicly Shamed

  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Do you remember that story about the woman flying to Africa the one who tweeted a joke about how she was white and so wouldn t get AIDS there the one who, after waking from her nap on the plane, found her joke had outraged the entire internet, that her job was lost and that her life was

  2. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    Update I can t resist Let shame follow this dentist even unto the last drilling and the last filling when he crosses the great divide, let all the animals he shot be waiting for him THE REVIEW OF THE BOOKHere is a 100% fast fun astonishing intriguing hectic sprint through the strange subject

  3. Ariel Ariel says:

    I love it when I hear about a book, automatically have to go out and get it, and then can t put it down It s a rare experience, but it s a really potent and exciting one You re thrown into something brand new and days later emerge, drawing breath, crawling out of your book cave, victorious.This bo

  4. Bibi Bibi says:

    Many thanks to Emma for spotlighting this book.A joke that went too farA few years ago, en route from New York to South Africa, a woman sent a series of tweets excerpts are from the book, emphasis by meWeird German dude, you re in first class, it s 2014 get some deodorant inner monolog as I inhale BO T

  5. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    A book that s incredibly relevant and that I would recommend All the information and examples provided were very interesting.I can say that, as a youtuber, it s definitely a fear of mine Saying something, which will be misinterpreted and being publicly shamed f...

  6. Petra X Petra X says:

    I ve finished the book, my least favourite of Ronson s It was almost in two halves The first was interesting the latter part, perhaps not a half but a third, was boring It didn t finish as much as peter out This is a bit of a long review because I ve picked out the three people in the book most affected by being

  7. Raeleen Lemay Raeleen Lemay says:

    This book was utterly fantastic I could have blown through it in a day easily but I m really glad I took my time with it.

  8. emma emma says:

    I straight up NEVER read nonfiction I don t like it It s boring Where s the story Is someone going to get punched Anyone Where is the writing style that doesn t make me want to shove a fork through my eye I mean, these are all things I need..However Everyyyyyy once in a while, an exception comes along.SAY HELLOOOOO TO THA

  9. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at Most of you are probably already familiar with the concept of public shaming Heck, we see it on Goodreads all the time The author who chooses to get spammy or games the ratings system with sockpuppets or trolls reviews when someone dares to bash their special snowflake is quickly drawn and quartered b

  10. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    I have a lot of thoughts about this book because it was SO incredibly thought provoking I felt like every chapter brought on a major revelation or had a great nugget of wisdom to mull over If anything it made me realize how incredibly powerful shame can be, as if we aren t all aware of that fact already I doubt you could find a sin

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