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A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose A Wake Up Call For The Entire Planet A New Earth Helps Us To Stop Creating Our Own Suffering And Obsessing Over The Past And What The Future Might Be, And To Put Ourselves In The Now Oprah WinfreyWith His Bestselling Spiritual Guide The Power Of Now, Eckhart Tolle Inspired Millions Of Readers To Discover The Freedom And Joy Of A Life Lived In The Now In A New Earth, Tolle Expands On These Powerful Ideas To Show How Transcending Our Ego Based State Of Consciousness Is Not Only Essential To Personal Happiness, But Also The Key To Ending Conflict And Suffering Throughout The World Tolle Describes How Our Attachment To The Ego Creates The Dysfunction That Leads To Anger, Jealousy, And Unhappiness, And Shows Readers How To Awaken To A New State Of Consciousness And Follow The Path To A Truly Fulfilling Existence.Illuminating, Enlightening, And Uplifting, A New Earth Is A Profoundly Spiritual Manifesto For A Better Way Of Life And For Building A Better World.

10 thoughts on “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Okay so I had high expectations for this book Normally I don t really go for Oprah selections but I heard so many great things about it plus I am totally into new agey type things, I thought it would be right up my alley.My problem with this book was twofold First, a lot of the ideas weren t new to me Living in the present you are not walking across the room t

  2. Martha Martha says:

    What is so powerful about this book is not that there is much new material here We ve all heard about how the ego keeps us chained to our judgements, fears, and desires The difference is in how the author explains his points Finally, we understand Wouldn t you love it if all the stuff you ve read about enlightenment suddenly became crystal clear I see you all noddi

  3. Liz Liz says:

    Oprahmercial Well if you can over look that aspect I highly recommend this book Tolle s penmanship allows difficult philosophical, psychological principles to come together simplified This book simplifies complex notions of western approaches with an eastern point of view on metaphysics I think it is a helpful tool for those cynical about the current state of humanity I

  4. Lain Lain says:

    I opened this book, hoping to find something inspiring, eye opening, and life changing Instead, it appears to be filled with the same old New Age babble about self actualization and each being the part of the one It s not that I disagree it s just that I don t think there s anything particularly new or different The same old, same old about non judgment, embracing all things

  5. Laurie Laurie says:

    Loved this book It has changed how I look at life I read a lot of self help , spiritual insight books and this is one of the best I have ever read I just finished it and I want to read it again His writing is very easy to understand clear and simple and he shares insights that you can use in your life immediately IT is chock full of fascinating insights on every page.Some of my f

  6. Madeline Madeline says:

    ok, i m about half way through first thing i notice is this guy is pretty long winded it took him 127 pages to tell me that the ego is the source of all the earths problems Anything you feel or think or say comes from the ego and thats a bad thing we all need to be enlighted and gain awareness of our presence heres a nice quote from the book Enlightened collectives will fulfill an imp

  7. Alicia Alicia says:

    This book is so amazing, I had to read it slow so I would absorb it all It moved me to tears many times, so I had to stop a lot I have not read The Power of Now, but this one really resonated with me and current challenges in personal and planetary transformation I loved how he snuck in bits from major religions and explained their universal relevance outside the context of their religious

  8. Jen Jen says:

    To me, this book is pretty much a great overview on what is wrong with the world the human ego In a weird way, I regret ever having read this book because it opened my eyes so greatly to the hidden egocentric motivation behind every human thought and action that I can t stop seeing the underlying ego behind everything, and everyone, I encounter I think this book should be required reading for e

  9. Brittany Brittany says:

    This book is completely awful Don t feed in to the Oprah hype It s abstract and somewhat hard to follow, even for me, a third year law student Not entertaining at all There are some tidbits of useful information, but if your mother taught you anything, you probably have already heard the useful parts There are also a lot of contradictions in Tolle s writing thought process Don t go on the message bo

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    I think that because I have what I feel is a strong faith, this book just didn t make a big impression I feel like a lot of the ego stuff he was talking about is basically morals and values, of which if you already have a high regard for and were taught about them, then a new awakening to being good is sort of insulting.Anyone can be mindful for an instant, staying mindful, though, can be the work of a l

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