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Diamond Willow There s to me thanmost peopleseeTwelve year old Willow would rather blend in than stick out But she still wants to be seen for who she is She wants her parents to notice that she is growing up She wants her best friend to like her better than she likes a certain boy She wants, than anything, to mush the dogs out to her grandparents house, by herself, with Roxy in the lead But sometimes when it s just you, one mistake can have frightening consequences And when Willow stumbles, it takes a surprising group of friends to help her make things right againUsing diamond shaped poems inspired by forms found in polished diamond willow sticks, Helen Frost tells the moving story of Willow and her family Hidden messages within each diamond carry the reader further, into feelings Willow doesn t reveal even to herself Diamond Willow is aBank Street Best Children s Book of the Year

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  1. Sam Bloom Sam Bloom says:

    I make a point of telling everyone who will listen that the best writers are children s YA authors The last two books I finished The Underneath by Kathi Appelt and this one are perfect examples Books that are funny, heartbreaking, suspenseful, hopeful without crossing the line into sappiness just beautifully written books.Diamond Willow is written in a sort of prose, with

  2. Betsy Betsy says:

    The sentence I told you so is deeply satisfying Granted, the satisfaction you feel when you say it only lasts a minute or two, but for a little while, as you do your I told you so dance, you get to feel that thrill of vindication sweeping through your veins I often feel this way when an author or illustrator I ve liked over the years starts garnering a littlenotice Admitted

  3. Wendy Wendy says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Oh, wow, did I hate this book.And sure, I didn t care for the diamond shaped text, which I felt took me out of the story every time I turned a page and the bolded words that formed the extra message on each page really interfered with tracking the words as I read the regular text but that wasn t

  4. Nate Nate says:

    Diamond Willow is told through a series of narrative poems interspersed with prose chapters The poems are from the viewpoint of the protagonist, and the prose chapters are from he perspective of other characters The poems are in the shape of a diamond, with words in bold in the center that form additional sentences This is to mimic the look of diamond willow wood, which is a

  5. Clare Lund Clare Lund says:

    Started a bit slow, but I really liked the ending Written in a very similar style to Hidden by the same author, with the story told in verse with an additional message revealed on each page Ages 8 and up.

  6. Arminzerella Arminzerella says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Willow Diamond Willow is her full name named after the trees that have diamond shaped scars lives in a small, remote town in Alaska with her parents and her younger sister and their sled dogs She s rather shy and doesn t have a lot of friends, but she loves her dogs especially Roxy, their lead dog W

  7. L13 Tracy Beling L13 Tracy Beling says:

    I listened to this story on CD It has received the following awards Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award Pennsylvania Center for the Book , Mitten Award Michigan , and Texas Lone Star Reading Lists 2009.This is a story about a girl named Diamond Willow she goes by Willow who lives in Alaska Willow sees herself as an average girl that doesn t stand out at all She doesn t have many fr

  8. Maureen Sheehan Maureen Sheehan says:

    This was a wonderful book I couldn t get over how clever the author was by writing poetry within poetry I found myself looking forward to turning each page and going right to the bolded words so I could figure out what was going to happen next and what Willow was thinking In addition to this unique and compelling literary element, the author told a great story The main character,

  9. Anusha✨ Anusha✨ says:

    I m reading Diamond Willow by Helen Frost Imagine looking outside and seeing a blanket of sparkly white snow In Diamond Willow a girl named Willow lives in Alaska and gets to see sparkly snow everyday One day Willow goes to her grandmother s house with her dog Roxy and gets hurt because she slips on ice The external conflict is that Willow doesn t want to listen to her parents abo

  10. Roxanne Hsu Feldman Roxanne Hsu Feldman says:

    Aside from the fact that I don t believe all the pieces are poems indeed, I don t think MOST of them are so the author s claim in her introduction of these being diamond shaped poems does not gel with my perception of poetry, the book is really STRONG.Of course, love the design and the hidden heart message in each piece Love the magical realistic spirited animals of the deceased Lo

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