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Brooklyn Bridge It s the summer ofin Brooklyn and all fourteen year old Joseph Michtom wants is to experience the thrill, the grandeur, and the electricity of the new amusement park at Coney Island But that doesn t seem likely Ever since his parents Russian immigrants invented the stuffed Teddy Bear five months ago, Joseph s life has turned upside down No longer do the Michtom s gather family and friends around the kitchen table to talk No longer is Joseph at leisure to play stickball with the guys Now, Joseph works And complains And falls in love And argues with Mama and Papa And falls out of love And hopes Joseph hopes he ll see Coney Island soon He hopes that everything will turn right side up again He hopes his luck hasn t run out because you never know Through all the warmth, the sadness, the frustration, and the laughter of one big, colorful family, Newbery Medalist Karen Hesse builds a stunning story of the lucky, the unlucky, and those in between, and reminds us that our lives all our lives are fragile, precious, and connected Brooklyn Bridge is aBank Street Best Children s Book of the Year

About the Author: Karen Hesse

Karen Hesse is an American author of children s literature and literature for young adults, often with historical settings Her novel Out of the Dust was the winner of the 1998 Newbery Medal and the Scott O Dell Award for Historical Fiction In 2002, Hesse was a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship.Forinformation, please see

10 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Brooklyn Bridge is one of those novels that just sticks with you, if not for its historical New York City scenery than for the main character s struggle to enjoy his fleeting childhood amidst his parents demands Running alongside this is a story of a child living a homeless life beneath the iconic Brooklyn Bridge that shapes the city skyline to this very day How these two stories overl

  2. Betsy Betsy says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Karen Hesse is back, baby A person only gets so many golden opportunities in their life, you know There are only so many times you get a chance to say that someone s back Someone who may have taken a small vacation from writing for a while Karen Hesse is a good example of this She s done some picture books and short

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    I always enjoy historical fiction by Karen Hesse This story is actually based on the real, Russian immigrant family, that invented the Teddy Bear It is set in turn of the century Brooklyn New York New York was a thriving, crowded city filled with recent immigrants Joseph Mitchtom is 14 in the summer of 1903 His family ownes and operates a candy shop, until a story in the news paper about Teddy Roosevel

  4. Jodotha Jodotha says:

    This was not an easy book I m not talking reading level, but in terms of impact It was in turns emotionally jarring, spooky, and I wouldn t actually read this to a kid because there were some serious, even scary, situations detailed made harder to read because they were happening to kids There were also lighter moments, but they didn t quite balance out the difficult ones.That said, this is one of those books

  5. Stephanie Fitzgerald Stephanie Fitzgerald says:

    Setting Brooklyn, 1903This was a difficult book to rate I loved the historical fiction aspect of Brooklyn in the early 1900 s My favorite chapter involved Emily setting up a library for neighbors to check out books For this I probably would have rated 5 stars, because I love books in this time period about New York BUTthe ghosting parts dropped it down to a three star rating for me.Memorable Quotes Pg.156 Lit by thous

  6. Tasha Tasha says:

    Joseph feels trapped in his Brooklyn apartment surrounded by the Teddy Bears that his family invented a few months ago The bears have taken over their lives, their space and their toy store Now Joseph spends his days stuffing bears, packaging them, and being responsible for his younger brother and sister And all he longs to do is go to Coney Island, the symbol of all that is fun and all that is not his current life But life i

  7. The Library Lady The Library Lady says:

    Okay, here I go again swimming against the chorus of critics, many of whom I think are biased once an author has won an award or two or three.First of all, there is too much here I ve read before There s the gruff relative with a secret heart of gold doing good works that s Uncle Chris in Kathryn Forbes Mama s Bank Account There are characters and plotlines from All of A Kind Family and even A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Then there s the

  8. Lori Lori says:

    Wow I was blown away by this book, perhaps so because I didn t expect to be I am really impressed by Brooklyn Bridge The setting of turn of the century Brooklyn is vividly brought to life in the reader s imagination through 14 year old Joseph s first person narration, excerpts describing Coney Island from actual newspapers from that time, and a parallel story of street children living under the Brooklyn Bridge that contrasts with Joseph s co

  9. Lisa Lewis Lisa Lewis says:

    This is a sweet tale from the perspective of the main character, Joseph Michtom His family, in our country s real history, created the ever popular teddy bear Joseph s story tells of his struggles as a 14 year oldcoming to terms with how his life changes due to the creation of the stuffed bear friends perception, family, etc and wanting to experience the thrill of Coney Island Plus, he has a secret about which no one knows, which is revealed at the

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    This was a coming of age novel set during the early 1900s Joseph is 14 years old, and he is annoyed that not only are his parents working almost all the time following their popular invention of the Teddy Bear but that they make him work on the stupid bears too, and what is worse, he must be the only boy in Brooklyn who hasn t been to Coney Island Anyway, the novel was well written and informative, and there was quite a surprising plot twist near the end Ho

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