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Leather Maiden A masterly new thriller from the Edgar Award winning writer who has a folklorist s eye for telling detail and a front porch raconteur s sense of pace The New York Times Book ReviewAfter a scandalous affair costs him his job in Houston, Cason Statler Gulf War veteran and Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist returns home to the small east Texas town of Camp Rapture Cason is a wreck He drinks too much, he s stalking his ex girlfriend, and he s wallowing in envy of his successful older brother To get back on his feet, he takes a job at the local paper, and when he stumbles across his predecessor s notes on a cold case murder file, he thinks he s found the thing that ll keep him out of trouble No such luck The further he digs into the case, the certain he is that the unsolved crime is connected to a series of eerie, inexplicable events that have recently occurred in town And he knows his suspicions are right on when he finds himself dragged into a deadly game of blackmail and murder that clearly has evil as its only goal Leather Maiden is a brash amalgam of suspense, raw humor, and mystery that unfolds in the vividly rendered shadowy lowlands of eastern Texas It s country noir as only Joe Lansdale can do it

10 thoughts on “Leather Maiden

  1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    Cason Statler has come home to the small east Texas town of Camp Rapture He saw military action in the Gulf War and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize at a newspaper in Houston He pissed his chance at the big time away when he was bonking his editor s wife and step daughter she was of age So he applies for a jo

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    For me, a Joe Lansdale novel is like a visit from that foul mouthed uncle your parents wish you wouldn t talk to when he comes to family gatherings The stories he tells are outside your normal sphere and often make you uncomfortable.Leather Maiden is about an Iraq war veteran who returns to his home town and starts

  3. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    Another fantastic novel from Lansdale

  4. Anthony Vacca Anthony Vacca says:

    After loving the badassitude of Cold In July, I figured I d go straight to the movie s source and read a novel by Joe Lansdale But Leather Maiden was not the brutally violent and slick redneck neo noir that I was hankering for Besides loving the book s cover, I found the rest of the reading experience like waiting for an u

  5. Kemper Kemper says:

    A brutal redneck crime story with memorable villians and plenty of dark humor In other words, another Joe Lansdale book.

  6. Jonathan Janz Jonathan Janz says:

    Joe R Lansdale is one of the greatest writers alive He s a genre all his own, and LEATHER MAIDEN is another excellent entry into his diverse canon of work The protagonist Cason Statler is an emotionally wounded, self sabotaging Iraq war vet who s a good deal smarter and tougher than the reporters, professors, and lowlifes he encou

  7. Helio Helio says:

    The book got interesting at about page 96 then went character bizarre a la a Dan Brown novel by page 124 Tarzan shows up around the time the Zombie vampires put in an appearance I think it would have worked better if Cheeta had called Tarzan instead of him just showing up It could have been a good mystery without the over the top frea

  8. Shemp DeYoung Shemp DeYoung says:

    Reading this book was a peculiar experience for me It was a page turner There was a really clever mystery that was solved But in the end, I feltthat a little less than satisfied I m not entirely sure why though.I think I m going to have to let my thoughts simmer a little bit and writelater OK, I took a shower I do some of my best thinking

  9. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Do not read this if your favorites are cozy mystery This is probably closer to the exact opposite in the overall mystery genre It s a man s story, a troubled Iraq vet comes home to Texas And there are a few characters in this one that do not even think in a language that does not contain 5 bleeps a sentence So it will certainly not be for any

  10. Rusty Rusty says:

    The first Lansdale book I read was The Bottoms That book doesn t contain much of the author s signature humor, so I was glad to see it in this book Unfortunately it pretty much peters out after the first 50 pages or so The story was good though, if a bit predictable at times It s essentially the story of a mysterious murder that has ever widening

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