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Cien años de soledad The Brilliant, Bestselling, Landmark Novel That Tells The Story Of The Buendia Family, And Chronicles The Irreconcilable Conflict Between The Desire For Solitude And The Need For Love In Rich, Imaginative Prose That Has Come To Define An Entire Genre Known As Magical Realism.

10 thoughts on “Cien años de soledad

  1. Chris Chris says:

    Revised 28 March 2012 Huh Oh Oh, man Wow.I just had the weirdest dream.There was this little town, right And everybody had, like, the same two names And there was this guy who lived under a tree and a lady who ate dirt and some

  2. Meg Meg says:

    I guarantee that 95% of you will hate this book, and at least 70% of you will hate it enough to not finish it, but I loved it Guess I was just in the mood for it Here s how it breaks down AMAZING THINGS I can literally feel new wrinkles spreading ac

  3. Adam Adam says:

    So I know that I m supposed to like this book because it is a classic and by the same author who wrote Love in the Time of Cholera Unfortunately, I just think it is unbelievably boring with a jagged plot that seems interminable Sure, the language is interesti

  4. Laura Laura says:

    More like A Hundred Years of Torture I read this partly in a misguided attempt to expand my literary horizons and partly because my uncle was a big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Then again, he also used to re read Ulysses for fun, which just goes to show that yo

  5. Mohammed Arabey Mohammed Arabey says:

    25 45 505 , , , , , , , R I P Gabriel Marcus Your Magical Realism will always enchanting and illuminating our hearts , will defeat the dirty realism that we unfortunately stuck in. Your magical words and novels will be read foreveryou re enchante

  6. Huda Yahya Huda Yahya says:

    32 magical realism

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    What is your favourite book, mum How many times have my children asked me that, growing up with a mother who spends most of her time reading to them, alone, for work, for pleasure or looking for new books in bookstores wherever we happen to be I can t answer that, there are so many books I love, an

  8. Tasneem Tasneem says:

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  9. brian brian says:

    i remember the day i stopped watching cartoons an episode of thundercats in which a few of the cats were trapped in some kind of superbubble thing and it hit me that, being cartoons, the characters could just be erased and re drawn outside the bubble or could just fly away or tunnel their way out or teleport or

  10. Lyn Lyn says:

    Mystical and captivating.One Hundred Years of Solitude by Nobel laureate Gabriel Garc a M rquez, first published in 1967 in his native Colombia and then first published in English in 1970, is a unique literary experience, overwhelming in its virtuosity and magnificent in scope.I recall my review of Tolstoy s War and Peace, tryi

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