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Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog Anyone who lives with and loves dogs knows that they are smart Really smart They understand our body language and emotions, can be trained to perform important services, are devoted companions, and enjoy walks, tricks, dog sports or just hangin out on the couch So, how Dog Smart are you What do you know or wish to know about the dog s history, perceptions, understanding of humans, and responses to different training methods These topics and come under the scrutiny of the Science Dog in Linda Case s latest myth busting book Learn to separate fact from fiction about the relationship between dogs and wolves, whether dominance should be a factor in dog training, what forms of reinforcement work best, and how to apply evidence based training methods Dog Smart will not only help you to be a better trainer, but will give you the tools for communicating the most current information about dogs to others including the popular Science Dog character, neighbor Joe who happens to know a lot about dogs

About the Author: Linda P. Case

Linda Case is a well known author and dog trainer who speaks world wide about evidence based dog training, behavior and nutrition She taught at the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine for 20 years and owns AutumnGold Dog Training Center in Illinois She writes the popular blog, The Science Dog.

10 thoughts on “Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog

  1. Don Don says:

    If You Love Dogs or Work with Those Who Love Dogs, You Need to Read This Book What we know about the science of canine behavior and dog training is continually evolving As such, every year I like to select a new book to recommend to my students, my staff, area veterinarians, and my colleagues that I feel will be th

  2. Tony Tony says:

    Bang up up date and easy to read A nice touch is explaining how to explain the positive methods to the kind of person that thinks they know it allwe ve all met themthey ve had a dog for most of their life and therefore are an expert Case calls them Joe and after every chapter addresses the points very clearly and in everyd

  3. Tabby Tabby says:

    A very engaging and interesting read I m not a pet professional, just a very knowledge hungry dog owner and this book completely readable but also incredibly in depth It s made me reconsider what I thought when known facts IE about teaching dogs eye contact and I loved the parts at the end of each chapter on how to talk to neighbo

  4. Tracy Tracy says:

    I loved this book as a dog trainer, but dog owners can benefit too Don t be discouraged from reading it because it mentions science It s not a hard read and the author does a great job keeping interesting.

  5. Dale M. Ward Dale M. Ward says:

    Excellent dog training resource, tons of great references for further study I highly recommend this book.

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Mainly about behavioural science Very small section devoted to training tips.

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