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Time of Our Lives A Boy Desperate To Hold On, A Girl Ready To Let GoFitz Holton Waits In Fear For The Day His Single Mother S Early Onset Alzheimer S Starts Stealing Her Memory He S Vowed To Stay Close To Home To Care For Her In The Years To Come Never Mind The Ridiculous College Tour She S Forcing Him On To Visit Schools Where He Knows He Ll Never Go Juniper Ramirez Is Counting Down The Days Until She Can Leave Home, A Home Crowded With Five Younger Siblings And Zero Privacy Against The Wishes Of Her Tight Knit Family, Juniper Plans Her Own College Tour Of The East Coast With One Goal Get OutWhen Fitz And Juniper Cross Paths On Their First College Tour In Boston, They Re At Odds From The Moment They Meet While Juniper S Dying To Start A New Life Apart For Her Family, Fitz Faces The Sacrifices He Must Make For His Their Relationship Sparks A Deep Connection In Each Other S Eyes, They Glimpse Alternate Possibilities Regarding The First Big Decision Of Their Adult Lives Time Of Our Lives Is A Story Of Home And Away, Of The Wonder And Weight Of Memory, Of Outgrowing Fears And Growing Into The Future

About the Author: Emily Wibberley

Emily Wibberley grew up in Southern California, but instead of working on her nonexistent tan at the beach, she spent her time reading, making music and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Shortly after falling for her best friend, Austin Siegemund Broka, she attended Princeton University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2014 with a degree in Psychology She and Austin now live and write YA contemporary together Their debut, Always Never Yours, will be published by Penguin Books in Summer 2018.Visit her website at www.emilywibberley.com and sign up for her mailing list to hear about exclusive giveaways and YA book news.Also check out Emily s and Austin s new website at www.emilyandaustinwrite.com.

10 thoughts on “Time of Our Lives

  1. jessica jessica says:

    i cant really put my finger on why i didnt enjoy this one as much as EW ASBs other books i think they are the most adorable couple ever and love the fact that they are high school sweethearts who write stories together that being said, something feels missing dont get me wrong i love the idea of it i enjoyed seeing both fitz and juniper go through their development both individually and together i like the dynamic between their tw

  2. Larry H Larry H says:

    Time of Our Lives , the newest novel from husband and wife writing duo Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund Broka, is a thought provoking YA romance with surprising emotional depth Do you think a guy who dreads forgetting the past and a girl who s focused on the future could, you know, be friends Juniper is immensely smart, driven, a total planner The oldest child in a large, tight knit family, she s always the one people depend on, and

  3. Christy Christy says:

    3 stars I love Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund Broka s first two books LOVED them I couldn t wait to get my hands on Time of Our Lives Though I liked this book, unfortunately it didn t hit the spot the same way the first two did, I just had trouble connecting Overall it was a good read for me, it just wasn t great Juniper and Fitz are both going on college tours, though their situations couldn t bedifferent Fitz has no intention of going t

  4. Hollis Hollis says:

    I totally respect what this book is trying to do And what, I imagine, it will successfully do for many readers It just didn t quite work for me.This is such a great representation of the mixed emotions young people I was young once feel going into the next stage ie, post high school of their lives The momentum that pushes them forward to escape their current situation overbearing family, no room to be yourself, too much responsibility at too young an

  5. The Nerd Daily The Nerd Daily says:

    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Mimi KoehlerTime Of Our Lives follows young Juniper and Fitz who are both about to graduate, with very differing future perspectives Fitz fears college and everything that it encompasses mainly leaving his mother who s diagnosed with early Alzheimer s Fitz is running against the clock, trying to figure out a way to make his mother understand why he wants to stay close to home, while she s trying to get him to

  6. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    Not their finest cover but I love the title I love the old title evenAs Forth We Go Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Not their finest cover but I love the title I love the old title evenAs Forth We Go Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

  7. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    unfortunately I am not het enough to fully enjoy this kind of romance but family vibes

  8. Vicky Again Vicky Again says:

    Oops Guess who marathoned this in the wee hours of the morning, all at once, so very quickly Time of Our Lives takes a different approach than Wibbroka s former novels Not just in the way that it s dual POV and takes place on the East Coast, but to storytelling overall This is very muchof a coming of age story than a romance, focusing a lot on the main characters and their individual struggles and what they learn from each other Of course there are romantic undertones with Junip

  9. Drewthereader20 Drewthereader20 says:

    For this being my first book by this author duo I really enjoyed it I want to say a big thank you to my friend Erin who sent me this arc for trade and I truly enjoyed it I ll havethoughts to come soon

  10. Tala Tala says:

    Look, one day I ll write a piece on what constitutes addicting, memorable reads, or maybe even how hard it is and what it takes for a fervently anticipated book to live up to the hype you ve built for it, and when someone asks me to name an example, I ll pelt them with copies of this book and tell them to see what I m talking about for themselves.I ve made it no secret that I ll pick up anything this author duo writes Ever since I sneak read IF I M BEING HONEST 2019 back in early April of las

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