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Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors On October a plane carrying a team of young rugby players crashed into the remote, snow peaked Andes Out of the forty five original passengers and crew, only sixteen made it off the mountain alive For ten excruciating weeks they suffered deprivations beyond imagining, confronting nature head on at its most furious and inhospitable And to survive, they were forced to do what would have once been unthinkableThis is their story one of the most astonishing true adventures of the twentieth century

About the Author: Piers Paul Read

British novelist and non fiction writer Educated at the Benedictines Ampleforth College, and subsequently entered St John s College, University of Cambridge where he received his BA and MA history Artist in Residence at the Ford Foundation in Berlin 1963 4 , Harkness Fellow, Commonwealth Fund, New York 1967 8 , member of the Council of the Institute of Contemporary Arts 1971 5 , member of the Literature Panel at the Arts Council, 1975 7 , and Adjunct Professor of Writing, Columbia University, New York 1980 From 1992 7 he was Chairman of the Catholic Writers Guild He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature FRSL.His most well known work is the non fiction Alive The Story of the Andes Survivors 1974 , an account of the aftermath of a plane crash in the Andes, later adapted as a film.

10 thoughts on “Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors

  1. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    i read this when i was 14 totally scandalized.three months later i still couldn t sit in a chair without wondering what my own asscheeks would taste like if i ate them sashimi style i read this when i was 14 totally scandalized.three months later i still couldn t sit in

  2. Idarah Idarah says:

    The survivors had neither sensationalized nor sentimentalized their own experience and it seemed important for me to tell the reader what they had told me in the same matter of fact manner Piers Paul Read I remember watching the film adaptation of this book when I was quite young

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    In October of 1972, a chartered plane carrying 45 passengers and crew left Uruguay to travel to Chile A majority of the passengers were made up of young men who were part of an amateur rugby team going to Chile for a game Others included family and friends Over the rugged Andes, the pilot

  4. Patti Patti says:

    Not gonna lie I read this book because I wanted to read about how they ate the people That is what hooked everyone to this story, isn t it I saw the movie to see how they ate the people It s what everyone remembers and why we remember the Donner party all these years later Dude, they ATE THE PEOPL

  5. Myrna Myrna says:

    I was a little obsessed with the movie Survive , the first version of this story when I was a young girl while my younger brother was appalled I ve also seen documentaries and the newer version of the movie Alive in the 90s Now, finally I ve read the book I m glad I did What a shocking story of survival, c

  6. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    This was the frightening yet amazing true story of a team of rugby players trying to survive in the mountains against the dangers present Only sixteen survived and were able to tell their story.

  7. Bren Bren says:

    No rating I just couldn t..I did try though.If I could speak to the book, I would say It s not you, it s me.Some things are to dark for even me.

  8. Dorcas Dorcas says:

    Haunting, haunting book I read this too long ago to give a proper review but the account itself has stayed with me for years Amazing story of survival against incredible odds Not for the faint hearted but truly gripping.CONTENT WARNING Some strong language and traumatic events And by that I mean, plane crash, avalanche, death and ca

  9. Crescent Moon Crescent Moon says:

    This is not a story This is an account, a confession, a testimony but this is a not a story.After finishing reading the last page this morning, I ve given this book a great deal of thought and, personal feelings aside, when asked to rate someone s REAL struggles in life I can t rate it anything less than the highest mark These people went th

  10. Jennifer Jacobs Jennifer Jacobs says:

    If you could read just 10 books in rest of your life,this book is worthy of being one of them This is a book based on reality that shook the conscience of the world in 1970s and even after almost 40 years past the incident,the book makes such a compelling reading A football team hires a chartered Plane to play a friendly match across the Andes,due to

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