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The Sun Is a Compass For Fans Of Cheryl Strayed, The Gripping Story Of A Biologist S Human Powered Journey From The Pacific Northwest To The Arctic To Rediscover Her Love Of Birds, Nature, And Adventure During Graduate School, As She Conducted Experiments On The Peculiarly Misshapen Beaks Of Chickadees, Ornithologist Caroline Van Hemert Began To Feel Stifled In The Isolated, Sterile Environment Of The Lab Worried That She Was Losing Her Passion For The Scientific Research She Once Loved, She Was Compelled To Experience Wildness Again, To Be Guided By The Sounds Of Birds And To Follow The Trails Of Animals.In March Of 2012 She And Her Husband Set Off On A 4,000 Mile Wilderness Journey From The Pacific Rainforest To The Alaskan Arctic, Traveling By Rowboat, Ski, Foot, Raft, And Canoe Together, They Survived Harrowing Dangers While Also Experiencing Incredible Moments Of Joy And Grace Migrating Birds Silhouetted Against The Moon, The Steamy Breath Of Caribou, And The Bond That Comes From Sharing Such Experiences A Unique Blend Of Science, Adventure, And Personal Narrative, The Book Explores The Bounds Of The Physical Body And The Tenuousness Of Life In The Company Of Creatures Whose Daily Survival Is Nothing Short Of Miraculous It Is A Journey Through The Heart, The Mind, And Some Of The Wildest Places Left In North America.In The End, The Sun Is A Compass Is A Love Letter To Nature, An Inspiring Story Of Endurance, And A Beautifully Written Testament To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit.

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  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    4.5 I love reading adventure stories, especially ones set in cold climates This is a book that contained so many beautiful descriptions of nature and wildlife, that I could have read it indefinitely A biologist, working in a lab studying chickadees and the crooked beaks that have been forming on many, Caro

  2. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    The Sun Is a Compass A 4,000 Mile Journey into the Alaskan Wilds chronicles the author s and her husband s journey from March 17 to September 5, 2012 They hiked and skied, rowed, canoed and rafted Never did they use a motor vehicle They traveled from Bellingham outside Seattle, Washington state to Kotzebue, Ala

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    I love a good adventure story and if it involves ice I m in Caroline Van Hemert s memoir The Sun is a Compass is a beautiful and thoughtful exposition on her love of the Alaskan wilderness and the 4,000 mile journey she and her spouse shared over six months The memoir transcends the typical story of man or woman vs

  4. Martha☀ Martha☀ says:

    I love an armchair adventure and this one is wild beyond imagination Within the tight window of Spring Summer 2012, Caroline and Pat travel from Bellingham, WA, up the coast of BC and into the wilds of the Yukon and Alaska They use only human power to travel and no paved roads or even trails They row, hike, ski and packr

  5. TBV TBV says:

    4.5 stars No I said I m not going to read you now Simply a quick peek Haha, a quick peek and I was hooked In fact I found this book unputdownable.In March 2002 Caroline van Hemert and her husband Pat set off on a 4,000 mile journey However, this wasn t just any 4,000 mile journey from Bellingham, WA, to Kotzebue, AK No ro

  6. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Others have said it better in review It s a travelogue of a unique and daring experience Sincerely, I wanted to like it than I actually did The language is at times exquisite and awesome in its educated eyes detail It was appreciated and especially with the birds, just enthralling But somehow at points in this I just wanted to sk

  7. Will Ansbacher Will Ansbacher says:

    Zugunruhe or migration restlessness , is that antsy pressure to get going the author says she had it in a big way before deciding to plan for this epic voyage I get a little jaded reading about extreme adventurers who head out, with massive amounts of sponsorship, book contract in place, for the fame of being the first The Sun is a

  8. Katie/Doing Dewey Katie/Doing Dewey says:

    Summary Lovely full of beautiful nature writing, incredible adventures, fun facts, and moving personal stories.When Caroline Van Hemert finished her PhD, studying beak deformities in chickadees, she felt uncertain than accomplished Her years in the lab had left her feeling burnt out She felt out of touch with the love of nature that led he

  9. F. F. says:

    4.5 stars Trekking 4000 miles across Alaska It s a wonderful and thoughtful adventure and it shows how much survival is luck rather than any cunning or skill.One of my favourite moments is the author s realisation that to lighten each other s load is a greater gift than any material wealth.

  10. Steve Steve says:

    This is a remarkable book about a remarkable journey, written by a remarkable person and, quietly, featuring her equally remarkable spouse , with innumerable cameos of, you guessed it, remarkable people living remarkable lives in remarkable places.But, in some ways, it s also a beautiful story about life and family and self discovery and coming of ag

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