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The Broken Road From The Daughter Of One Of America S Most Virulent Segregationists, A Memoir That Reckons With Her Father George Wallace S Legacy Of Hate And Illuminates Her Journey Towards Redemption In The Summer Of , Peggy Wallace Kennedy Was A Young Girl Watching Her Father Stand In A Schoolhouse Door As He Tried To Block Two African American Students From Entering The University Of Alabama This Man, Former Governor Of Alabama And Presidential Candidate George Wallace, Was Notorious For His Hateful Rhetoric And His Political Stunts But He Was Also A Larger Than Life Father To Young Peggy, Who Was Taught To Smile, Sit Straight, And Not Speak Up As Her Father Took To The Political Stage At The End Of His Life, Wallace Came To Renounce His Views, Although He Could Never Attempt To Fully Repair The Damage He Caused But Peggy, After Her Own Political Awakening, Dedicated Her Life To Spreading The New Wallace Message One Of Peace And Compassion In This Powerful New Memoir, Peggy Looks Back On The Politics Of Her Youth And Attempts To Reconcile Her Adored Father With The Man Who Coined The Phrase Segregation Now Segregation Tomorrow Segregation Forever Timely And Timeless, The Broken Road Speaks To Change, Atonement, Activism, And Racial Reconciliation

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  1. Viral Viral says:

    Thanks to Bloomsbury for the ARC at BEA 2019.TLDR this book is revisionist history designed to protect the Wallace legacy, don t read it.This book is Peggy Wallace Kennedy s memoir of growing up with and dealing with the legacy of her infamous father, Governor of Alabama and Independent candidate for President in 1968 and 1972, George Wallace I was skeptica

  2. Don Don says:

    Releases on December 3, 2019, I read an advanced reader copy from the publisher Not what I expected, which I think was introspection of Ms Wallace Kennedy s own part in growing up as George Wallace s daughter and then her own work as a civil rights advocate I don t have enough scholarly knowledge to judge if this is revisionist in nature but it must be affecte

  3. Donna Davis Donna Davis says:

    I was perhaps Daddy s most important legacy of all Thanks go to Bloomsbury and Net Galley for the review copy, which I read free and early in exchange for this honest review I was a child during the Civil Rights era, and although I didn t live in the American South, I recall news footage of Kennedy s father, George Wallace, the man that the author rightly attribute

  4. Jill Meyer Jill Meyer says:

    In November, 2008, soon after the Obama presidential victory, I read an article in I think, USA Today written by Peggy Wallace Kennedy Wallace Kennedy was the daughter of Governors George and Lurleen Wallace and in the article she writes of visiting her parents graves in Alabama earlier that fall She was approached by a little old lady who told her how much she had lov

  5. Maria-Anne Maria-Anne says:

    This book was an education for me Born the same year as Peggy I fell a connection in historical data You often wonder about the children of politicians and how they feel about what is going on Peggy doesn t sugar coat her life or over dramatizes it but basically tells about her feelings The conflicting emotions and trying to understand her father Through her we got a bit b

  6. Tom Schulte Tom Schulte says:

    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This memoir by George Wallace s daughter covers an arc from an unaware child to an adult woman coming to grip a segregationist family legacy remembered shaped by these six words Segregation now Segregation tomorrow Segregation forever and other lines attributed to Wallace some

  7. Biography & Memoir Biography & Memoir says:

    George Wallace, the four time governor of Alabama, was a controversial figure by any reckoning His daughter, Peggy Wallace Kennedy, seeks to smooth some of his edges for posterity s sake, and for our finer understanding of the man, his policies and his actions.The son of a raging, alcoholic father, Wallace rose to prominence in government by following his own gut and utilizing his

  8. Kate Kate says:

    An interesting look inside the family that benefitted most from George Wallace s racist rhetoric Rhetoric that lit the dynamite in the church that killed four African American girls Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Carol Denise McNair Rhetoric that unleashed fire hoses and dogs on innocent people Rhetoric that resulted in Jimmie Lee Jackson being beaten to deat

  9. Mary Barrow Mary Barrow says:

    Peggy Wallace Kennedy s memoir, The Broken Road , transcends family loyalty by providing truth and moral guidelines for her sons, for her grandchildren and for the archives of American history This takes guts.When a teenager rebels against parents we stand back and make room for his her mistakes However, when a much younger child instinctively knows a father is wrong in both his behavior

  10. Ryan Ryan says:

    Minor Spoilers 3.5 5 The lesson of the broken road is one of coming to terms with the past, not for the sake of forgetting or forgiving, but rather for the truth Peggy Wallace Kennedy.Wallace immediately enthralls readers by courageously recounting her visit to Selma on the anniversary of the historic march that played a crucial role during the 1960s civil rights movement This sets the tone f

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