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The Crying Book Award Winning Poet Heather Christle Has Just Lost A Dear Friend To Suicide And Must Reckon With Her Own Struggles With Depression And The Birth Of Her First Child How She Faces Her Joy, Grief, Anxiety, Impending Motherhood, And Conflicted Truce With The World Results In A Moving Meditation On The Nature, Rapture, And Perils Of Crying From The History Of Tear Catching Gadgets Including The Woman Who Designed A Gun That Shoots Tears To The Science Behind Animal Tears Including Moths Who Drink Them To The Fraught Role Of White Women S Tears In Racist ViolenceTold In Short, Poetic Snippets, The Crying Book Delights And Surprises, As Well As Rigorously Examines How Mental Illness Can Affect A Family Across Generations And How Crying Can Express Women S Agency Or Lack Of Agency In Everyday Life Christle S Gift Is The Freshness Of Her Voice And Honesty Of Her Approach, Both Of Which Create An Intimacy With Readers As She Explores A Human Behavior Broadly Experienced But Rarely Questioned A Beautiful Tribute To The Power Of Crying, And To Working Through Despair To Tears Of Joy

About the Author: Heather Christle

Heather Christle is author of the poetry collections The Difficult Farm 2009 The Trees The Trees 2011 , which won the Believer Poetry Award What Is Amazing 2012 and Heliopause 2015 Her first work of nonfiction, The Crying Book, will be out in November 2019 A former creative writing fellow in poetry at Emory University, Christle s poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Boston Review,

10 thoughts on “The Crying Book

  1. Paris (parisperusing) Paris (parisperusing) says:

    Empathy can be a hole through which one falls into despair Tears make the ground slippery And then what Satisfaction for the depth of one s feelings If I am not myself in danger, then my imagining myself into the place of another s suffering unnecessarily incapacitates me, makes me unable to move some small part of my da

  2. Catapult Catapult says:

    Why do we cry How do we cry And what does it mean A scientific, cultural, artistic examination by a young poet on the cusp of motherhood.

  3. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    I have many complicated feelings about this book so coming up with a rating took some deliberating The biggest hang up I have is definitely my expectations going in I love the idea of a book that explores crying Crying is such a common practice for me which, wow, doesn t make me sound very stable, but whatever I m a watery b

  4. Kelci Jacoby Kelci Jacoby says:

    I was not sure what to expect when I got this book in the mail, but all I can say is wow I am someone who apologizes every single time I cry even when my dad passed away and this beautiful text validated all of the tears I cry, whether they re from grief, happiness some books are just too pure , frustration or anger Thank you,

  5. Kevin Kevin says:

    Fascinating and deeply moving This fragmentary examination of tears expertly mixes poetic thought, science, and the author s own relationship to sadness, joy, and crying Everyone who has ever cried should read this book.

  6. Afton Montgomery Afton Montgomery says:

    The Crying Book is intensely meta and layered in every direction I love nothing than the melding of the scientific and the literary, and with this exploration of tears, Heather Christle creates just that In short bursts that are compulsively readable, she breaks down the endlessly frustrating and artificial wall between the acade

  7. Vincent Scarpa Vincent Scarpa says:

    I say book I mean poem I mean the way the landscape suddenly reveals itself in layers, a vertical light shining its connective beam from one moment to the next An entry into an awareness of a dimension always present Not always seen I think if I can keep myself alive to it, it will keep me from going under Nothing less than a book w

  8. Jules Jules says:

    The book is a lachrymatory for the author s tears It s written in short bursts containing poignant memories, details and facts Honestly, I loved this book so much I m not sure what to say about it.

  9. Deedi (DeediReads) Brown Deedi (DeediReads) Brown says:

    All my reviews live at big thanks to the folks over at Catapult for sending me a finished copy of The Crying Book Accurately described as a dazzling meditation on tears and a symphonic work of nonfiction, it is a masterpiece When I am not in despair I can barely even describe it It is a trap door in my life A bridge to nowhere It is

  10. Mary Mary says:

    When, where, why do we cry How is it that some are predisposed to cry little and others to weep endlessly Why does it so often feel shameful When does it relieve us, does it trap us in depression Peaceful and powerful, The Crying Book is a poetic examination of the art of weeping Poet Heather Christle meditates on tears, grief, in

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