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La Medusa Is A Polyphonic Novel Of Post Conceptual Consciousness At The Heart Of The Whole Floats Medusa, An Androgynous Central Awareness That Anchors The Novel Throughout La Medusa Is At Once The City Of Los Angeles, With Its Snaking Freeways And Serpentine Shifts Between Reality And Illusion, And A Brain A Modern Mind That Is Both Expansive And Penetrating In Its Obsessions And PerceptionsVanessa Place S Characters A Trucker And His Wife, A Nine Year Old Saxophonist, An Ice Cream Vendor, A Sex Worker, And A Corpse, Among Others Are Borderless Selves In A Borderless City, A City Impossible To Contain Her Expert Ventriloquism And Explosive Imagination Anchor This Epic Narrative In Language That Is Fierce And Vibrant, A Penetrating Cross Section Of Contemporary Los Angeles And A Cross Section Of The Modern Mind Is The Brain All These Little Movies, One Synapsing Into The Next Or I Mean Is Culture That Who Are All Those People On The Freeway Next To Me, Or Dying In The Blink Of An Eye When I Forget About Them Vanessa Place S La Medusa Is A Novel Of A Million I Am Sure There Is A Precise Count Brilliant Suggestions About The Mind And Time And Us What Seems Impossible Is That She Is Pulling It Off In This Impressive Tome That Moves Like Traffic When You Have Gotten It Impossibly Incredibly Light No Wrong Moves Here We Get Home Fast Eileen Myles Dazzling And Daze Inducing, Vanessa Place Dares To Ask The Dangerous Question What Happened To Modernism Why Did What Was Ambitious, Difficult, Serious And Experimental In Joyce, Eliot, Pound, Stein, And Beckett Give Way To A Glittering String Of Infinite Jests High Wire Acts, Virtuosity, Transcendental Camp La Medusa Returns To James Joyce S Ulysees To Find The Inspiration For An Investigation Into The Nature Of Experience Los Angeles Takes The Role Of Dublin The Brain And Its Double Cortex Generate The Stylistic Intricacies That The Organs And Senses Do In Joyce And This Is Above All A Female Epic In Which The Swirling City Universe Is Explored And Shaped By The Petrifying Eye And Intellect Of The Wily Medusa, Her Coiling Locks Extending Everywhere Michael Silverblatt, Bookworm, KCRW Public Radio La Medusa, Vanessa Place S Monumental Polyvalent, Polyglot Epic Novel Of Los Angeles In Which The Postmodern Morphs Into Random Access Postcontemporary, In Which The Device Of The Narrative Text In Film Script Form Has Replaced That Of The Epistolary Novel, Is Like A Shocking Rock Slide Of Polished Stones Of The First Water, Cut By Master Jeweler, Faceted Into Ten Thousand And One Sides And The Whole Spill Run In Relative Slow Motion With No Drag, No Yawns, All Be Bop, Hip Hop Now And Sardonic It Zaps, Out Fante Ing Fante And Out Rechy Ing Rechy Looked At Metaphorically In Terms Of Motion Pictures, Medusa Is An Epic Silent, As Long As Von Stroheim S Greed And Every Bit As Cumulatively Powerful But One Thing Is Certain No Matter How Good The Picture May Turn Out To Be, The Book Will Definitely Have Been Better James McCourt La Medusa

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the La Medusa book, this is one of the most wanted Vanessa Place author readers around the world.

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  1. Gregsamsa Gregsamsa says:

    Damn, Girl, What s Up with Those Snakes One sure way to get me to read a novel is to divide it into chunks named after parts of the brain This wild assortment of multivocal narratives is sectioned into brainy bits and cranial curves, each named after a portion of the nervous system s HQ and attendant psycho biological offices,

  2. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    Of course, Finnegans Wake, though that s like citing a sunrise And The Unnameable, which would be the sunset. Vanessa PlaceSet One Danna Tartt, Alice Munro, Rachel Kushner, Eleanor Catton, Jhumpa Lahiri, Patti Smith, Jess Walter, Dave Eggers The Millions top 10, March 2014 Throw in sumnames same page, Hall of Fame, since 2009 ,

  3. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    I find it very difficult to think of anything coherent and pithy to say about La Medusa I am also cognisant of the fact that I am duty bound to encourage you, the Reader of this, to become a Reader of It So what, if you shell out hard earned cash to get your grubby paws on a copy of this, will you discover Well, we are in L.A, thoug

  4. Nate D Nate D says:

    Radical, beautiful interconnectivity and obscure correlation.This mega novel of de centralized consciousness, the collective consciousness and polyphony of voices of a city without borders, is a monolithic construction, but not a seamless or impenetrable one Instead, it s a kind of open structure bleeding out in every simultaneous dire

  5. Jonfaith Jonfaith says:

    Each metropolis preselects its suicide like an officer packs a capsule, for if a city lives by remembering, mein Leibnitz Herr, the opposite must also be true, ergo a city dies from forgetting, and such death is by the city s own hand, it turns it neglected bungalows to gallows and potholes its veins.Wasn t Leibnitz snowed in somewhere an

  6. Rand Rand says:

    Phonics as harmonics, myth as glossolalia A fractal inquiry into the melting pot that is LA The sort of multi layered narrative curation of sheer experience that is at once avant garde and a shoring up of the conventions of plot and novel and poem Oftentimes within the same sentence, even.This is a book for those who prefer their hyper atten

  7. Geoff Geoff says:

    This book should have worked out really well for me it has all the indicators of something I d adore It s polyphonic It s multi vocal It s a city novel One of the kinds of novel things I most adore It s got a mindfuckery of a structure, innovative typesetting, Wakean post language, fractal perspectiving, a pansexual Medusa and Narcissus at the

  8. Amelia Amelia says:

    Images and ideas remain c store pies, soft bodily expression A sound feast Read this before scholars on hovercraft discover it in the year 2056.

  9. Ian Scuffling Ian Scuffling says:

    3 stars for fun, 5 stars for importance, so 4 stars total you can see how arbitrary a star system no, not the one that destined our existence but maybe that, too really gets.I struggledwith this book than I have with any book in a long ass time, to be frank I think due in large part to Place s context as a poet much of this prose is really kinetic po

  10. Melanie Page Melanie Page says:

    I gave up on this book, and I m really sad about it It s 488 pages long I know Goodreads says it has over 600, but I double checked , I m halfway through, and I still have no sense of plot or direction, so all I keep thinking about are all the other books that I want to read The writing is BEAUTIFUL, but the alternating characters tend to be static in t

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