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America for Americans An Award Winning Historian Reframes Our Continuing Debate Over Immigration With A Compelling History Of Xenophobia In The United States And Its Devastating ImpactThe United States Is Known As A Nation Of Immigrants But It Is Also A Nation Of Xenophobia In America For Americans, Erika Lee Shows That An Irrational Fear, Hatred, And Hostility Toward Immigrants Has Been A Defining Feature Of Our Nation From The Colonial Era To The Trump Era Benjamin Franklin Ridiculed Germans For Their Strange And Foreign Ways Americans Anxiety Over Irish Catholics Turned Xenophobia Into A National Political Movement Chinese Immigrants Were Excluded, Japanese Incarcerated, And Mexicans Deported Today, Americans Fear Muslims, Latinos, And The So Called Browning Of America Forcing Us To Confront This History, America For Americans Explains How Xenophobia Works, Why It Has Endured, And How It Threatens America It Is A Necessary Corrective And Spur To Action For Any Concerned Citizen

About the Author: Erika Lee

I m a writer and professor who loves reading and writing I finished my fourth book America for Americans A History of Xenophobia in the U.S., which will be published by Basic Books Hachette on November 26, 2019.I m a historian who still does history the old fashioned way by doing research in the archives I get excited finding dusty documents, but I m also fully immersed in the 21st century as

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  1. Kristen Kristen says:

    Disclaimer Erika Lee is my sister She is also a SUPER STUD award winning historian and this is her fourth book It is outstanding, informative, disturbing, and SHOCKING From her Washington Post Perspective published on 11 26 19 entitled, Trump s xenophobia is an American tradition but it doesn t hav

  2. Ryan Patterson Ryan Patterson says:

    A well researched, timely, and thorough examination of the United States established and violent history of state sanctioned xenophobia As Lee deftly demonstrates, Xenophobia has never been fully excised from the United States, it has merely evolved Many Americans often tout the United States as a nation

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