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The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity The Challenging And Brilliantly Argued New Book From The Bestselling Author Of The Strange Death Of EuropeIn His Devastating New Book The Madness Of Crowds, Douglas Murray Examines The Twenty First Century S Most Divisive Issues Sexuality, Gender, Technology And Race He Reveals The Astonishing New Culture Wars Playing Out In Our Workplaces, Universities, Schools And Homes In The Names Of Social Justice, Identity Politics And IntersectionalityWe Are Living Through A Postmodern Era In Which The Grand Narratives Of Religion And Political Ideology Have Collapsed In Their Place Have Emerged A Crusading Desire To Right Perceived Wrongs And A Weaponization Of Identity, Both Accelerated By The New Forms Of Social And News Media Narrow Sets Of Interests Now Dominate The Agenda As Society Becomes And Tribal And, As Murray Shows, The Casualties Are MountingReaders Of All Political Persuasions Cannot Afford To Ignore Murray S Masterfully Argued And Fiercely Provocative Book, In Which He Seeks To Inject Some Sense Into The Discussion Around This Generation S Most Complicated Issues He Ends With An Impassioned Call For Free Speech, Shared Common Values And Sanity In An Age Of Mass Hysteria

About the Author: Douglas Murray

Douglas Kear Murray is a British neoconservative writer and commentator He was the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion from 2007 until 2011, and is currently an associate director of the Henry Jackson Society.Murray appears regularly in the British broadcast media, commentating on issues from a conservative standpoint, and he is often critical of Islamic fundamentalism He writes for a number of publications, including Standpoint, the Wall Street Journal and The Spectator Source Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity

  1. Declan Murray Declan Murray says:

    Murray has succeeded in identifying some of the key components of the current midlife crisis that sections of the left are undergoing relating to sexuality, gender, race and what he calls Trans He perfectly elucidates he creeping

  2. Filipp Miroshnichenko Filipp Miroshnichenko says:

    A book that attempts and manages to make sense of something that barely makes any sense at all deserves praise in and of itself Yet, when the subject in question is as controversial and divisive as today s ineluctable pervasiveness of ide

  3. T T says:

    Note I m using the spoiler tag here to allow collapsing of addition detail examples in places where they should be optional In this type of book spoilers don t really matter so ignore the meaning of the tag just use it as adetail expansion.This i

  4. Christopher Blosser Christopher Blosser says:

    The Madness of Crowds is perhaps a little too reliant on lengthy anecdotes from current events, scene by scene or blow by blow transcriptions of televised traumas and social media skirmishes, such that those familiar with some of the incidents related m

  5. Dan Graser Dan Graser says:

    We live in a time where we have never beenconnected with an astounding number of ways to communicate, the very problem is that we are plainly getting worse at communicating with one another and our so called, connections, are everentrenched tribal entities that

  6. Richard Block Richard Block says:

    SJW InfernoDouglas Murray s supercilious, ultra posh voice enunciates every syllable of his latest polemic on Audible in which he pontificates on the destructive nature of modern debate on the issues of gender and race The social warriors are demented, maintains the con

  7. Mj Brodie Mj Brodie says:

    I ve read Douglas Murray s work before and while I disagree with about 75% of his views on political and social issues, I decided to read his new book to get a different perspective, which I believe to be a valuable exercise we should all engage in from time to time From the po

  8. Aleksandra Aleksandra says:

    For the most part, this is a good book There are parts, especially at the beginning, that read like the author put in a lot of effort to cater to the sensibilities of a part of his audience.For example, in the introduction, he says that a decade ago almost nobody was supportive of gay

  9. Ian Williams Ian Williams says:

    The Madness of Crowds Gender, Race and Identity by Douglas Murray is a welcome weapon in the armoury against the most malignant curse of our time Identity politics, most notably gender, race, and LGBQT Murray compares the civil rights movement for women, ethnic minorities and gays to a train t

  10. Robert Appleton Robert Appleton says:

    As he did with The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray again demonstrates an unerring knack for picking apart complex, hot button topics and the facile arguments surrounding them Here he coolly dismantles the crazy making totem of identity politics It s one thing to sense the world around you is t

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