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The Joy of Movement The Bestselling Author Of The Willpower Instinct Introduces A Surprising Science Based Book That Doesn T Tell Us Why We Should Exercise But Instead Shows Us How To Fall In Love With Movement Exercise Is Health Enhancing And Life Extending, Yet Many Of Us Feel It S A Chore But, As Kelly McGonigal Reveals, It Doesn T Have To Be Movement Can And Should Be A Source Of JoyThrough Her Trademark Blend Of Science And Storytelling, McGonigal Draws On Insights From Neuroscience, Psychology, Anthropology, And Evolutionary Biology, As Well As Memoirs, Ethnographies, And Philosophers She Shows How Movement Is Intertwined With Some Of The Most Basic Human Joys, Including Self Expression, Social Connection, And Mastery And Why It Is A Powerful Antidote To The Modern Epidemics Of Depression, Anxiety, And LonelinessMcGonigal Tells The Stories Of People Who Have Found Fulfillment And Belonging Through Running, Walking, Dancing, Swimming, Weightlifting, And , With Examples That Span The Globe, From Tanzania, Where One Of The Last Hunter Gatherer Tribes On The Planet Live, To A Dance Class At Juilliard For People With Parkinson S Disease, To The Streets Of London, Where Volunteers Combine Fitness And Community Service, To Races In The Remote Wilderness, Where Athletes Push The Limits Of What A Human Can Endure Along The Way, McGonigal Paints A Portrait Of Human Nature That Highlights Our Capacity For Hope, Cooperation, And Self TranscendenceThe Result Is A Revolutionary Narrative That Goes Beyond Familiar Arguments In Favor Of Exercise, To Illustrate Why Movement Is Integral To Both Our Happiness And Our Humanity Readers Will Learn What They Can Do In Their Own Lives And Communities To Harness The Power Of Movement To Create Happiness, Meaning, And Connection

10 thoughts on “The Joy of Movement

  1. Chris Boutté Chris Boutté says:

    I absolutely love the work by Kelly and Jane McGonigal I recently finished Kelly s last book The Upside of Stress, and this book came out at the right time for my 2020 goal of losing 50 lbs.Each chapter is backed by a ton of research about how movement can help with depression, feelings of loneliness as well a

  2. Jennifer Rumack Jennifer Rumack says:

    I really enjoyed this book It started a bit slow and repetitive and redeemed itself with inspiring stories about community, nature, joy and hope all revealed through moving our bodies No better reasons to find some friends and go for a hike

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