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When You See Me (Detective D.D. Warren, #11; Gardner Universe, #20) Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner Unites Three Of Her Most Loved Characters Detective DD Warren, Flora Dane, And Kimberly Quincy In A Twisty New Thriller, As They Investigate A Mysterious Murder From The Past That Points To A Dangerous And Chilling Present Day CrimeFBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy And Sergeant Detective DD Warren Have Built A Task Force To Follow The Digital Bread Crumbs Left Behind By Deceased Serial Kidnapper Jacob Ness And When A Disturbing Piece Of Evidence Comes To Light, They Decide To Bring In Flora Dane Who Has Personal Experience Of Being Imprisoned By NessTheir Investigations Take Them To A Small Town Deep In The Hills Of Georgia Where Something Seems To Be Deeply WrongWhat At First Seems Like A Gothic Eeriness Soon Hardens Into Something Much Sinister As They Discover That For All The Evil Jacob Committed While Alive, His Worst Secret Is Still To Be RevealedQuincy And DD Must Summon Their Considerable Skills And Experience To Crack The Most Disturbing Case Of Their Careers And Flora Must Face Her Own Past Directly In The Hope Of Saving Others D.D Warren, Flora Dane, AND Kimberly Quincy Oh, my If Lisa Gardner s upcoming novel is anything like Never Tell, it will be thrilling Can t wait Lisa Gardner, the queen of crime thrillers writes a brilliant if traumatic addition to the Detective Sergeant DD Warren series as DD leaves her family in Boston, joining a local and FBI task force in Appalachian Niche in Georgia led by SSA Kimberly Quincy Two hikers discover human bones that turn out to be those of the missing Lilah Abenito, assumed to be a victim of the now dead predator Jacob Ness Efforts to dig into Ness s criminal past had ground to a halt, but it looks as if they might just find out about the other missing girls Joining the task force are civilians Flora Dane, a survivor of Ness, a prisoner of his for over a year, still suffering PTSD from her harrowing experience and Keith, a gifted computer analyst and true crime enthusiast There is no doubt that Flora has come a long way from the broken woman rescued from the evil Ness, but she is yet to thrive, she just cannot contemplate being in a relationship, despite being attracted to Keith.The town of Niche appears quaint, wholesome, a picture perfect tourist destination However, as and bodies are uncovered, it begins to feel sinister, beneath the veneer it is a town that is a graveyard, a hubbub of dark deeds, murder and secrets that go back a long time In the narrative is the voice of a young girl, her mother murdered, living in terror and a life of servitude, unable to speak with a gift when it comes to drawing pictures to communicate It is DD s sharply honed senses that intuit the young girl with no name is traumatised and terrorised Flora finds herself back down the nightmare of a rabbit hole, shell shocked, having to face her worst fears about her time with Ness, but is it possible that this experience offers an opportunity to finally lay her horrifying past and the ghost of Ness to rest In a narrative that takes in fresh murders amidst the rising count of cold cases, of Ness s past comes to be known, but was he a loner or part of a bigger criminal enterprise This is a well researched novel from Gardner, she provides technical details and descriptions of FBI task forces, procedures and forensic techniques when it comes to digging up the long dead When it comes to writing tense, fast paced, gripping and unputdownable thrillers, the author has few rivals She has created characters we have already come to care about, whilst introducing new people, I hope to encounter Bonita again in future additions to this series I should warn there are hard to endure upsetting coverage of the misery of human trafficking, murder and in this novel A fantastic nail biting read, you are always in safe hands when it comes to Lisa Gardner, she always comes up with the goods Cannot wait for the next in the series Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC. 5 Stars A Complex, Compelling and Taut Mystery Thriller When human bones are found in the deep woods of Georgia, FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy is called in To her, the findings mean something specific and for this investigation, she needs D.D Warren and Flora Dane on board The bones found belong to the body of Lilah Abenito who was reported missing fifteen years ago and is assumed to be a victim of Jacob Ness Ness, as we all know is the man who kidnapped and tortured Flora Dane for 472 days Flora, must once again face her past this time however, she is not alone she has D.D., and her friend computer whiz Keith beside her When bodies are found and mass graves are uncovered and suspicions arise Is Jacob Ness solely responsible From The Mayor and his wife, who are the owners of the most popular BB in town, to The Town Clerk and several others, it becomes clear that the Town of Niche isn t so nice after all Bonita, the niece of the Mayer and his wife, is scared every day of her life She has good reason The tension ratchets up here in a way that only Lisa Gardner is capable Fear rose in my throat for Flora Dane, D.D Warren, Keith and Bonita I had several moments of panic while reading this novel, afraid for my favorite characters Admittedly, I also smiled and shed a few tears What can I say except that Lisa Gardner knows how to get me every time I simply love the characters of Flora Dane and D.D Warren together They are like ying and yang What I love about Lisa Gardner s writing is that she never phones it in Each novel that I ve read is as strong as the last, and for me that speaks Volumes.This was another incredible buddy read with Kaceey We both love these characters and feel like we are visiting old friends as soon as we start a new novel Thanks for sharing this one with me Kaceey Thank you to Edelweiss, Penguin Publishing Dutton and Lisa Gardner for the arc.Published on Goodreads and Edelweiss on 12.15.19. This is only the second book that I have read in this series but it can definitely be read as a stand alone I will tell you that this book scared the heck out of me It didn t help that I was reading it at night and way past my bedtime, bad idea, had trouble falling asleep At any rate the story is told from three different points of view Flora Dane is a survivor, she was held captive kidnapped, raped and terrorized for over a year by Jacob Ness, until she herself was able to kill him She has spent the last 7 years since then trying to help other victims and now is part of this task force which is sent to a small mountain town in the deep woods of Georgia Skeletal remains have been found and it is possible that these may be linked to Jacob Ness, the man who had held Flora captive.The other members of the team include detective D.D Warren and FBI Agent Kimberley Quincey We are told the story from these three POV s and Italicized paragraphs in the voice of an unknown person There are many others who will become a part of the investigative team including Keith, a computer analyst who adds his talents at decoding what will become a tangled web of evil.This Georgia town s inhabitants are all potentially involved in what has been going on, particularly the mayor and his wife who own the updated and beautiful Victorian B B at the town s center They basically run the town and many of the townspeople are fearful of saying anything against them.It isn t long before skeletons are found and forensic teams are called in All the while the on scene teams split into two teams, one to interrogate inhabitants of the town and the others to use an ATV to canvas the area where the skeletal remains have been found.This isn t a slow burn of a mystery, it becomes a thriller quite quickly and the tension just keeps on building It is very difficult with a thriller so multi layered to say much without giving away any part of the plot It would be best to just start reading and let the story drawn you in, and it will I promise you.There are, of course, some believability issues with how many people can be evil in one small town, but that is the nature of the genre and I was willing to just go along for the ride I really enjoyed the strong female characters in this novel, all of whom have had their own personal struggles I highly recommend this book to readers of the D.D.Warren series but anyone can pick up this novel and read it on it s own merit I received an ARC of this novel through NetGalley This book is set to publish on January 28, 2020.

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