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The Carnivore Diet Shawn Baker S Carnivore Diet Is A Revolutionary, Paradigm Breaking Nutritional Strategy That Takes Contemporary Dietary Theory And Dumps It On Its Head It Breaks Just About All The Rules And Delivers Outstanding Results At Its Heart Is A Focus On Simplicity Rather Than Complexity, Subtraction Rather Than Addition, Making This An Incredibly Effective Diet That Is Also Easy To Follow The Carnivore Diet Reviews Some Of The Supporting Evolutionary, Historical, And Nutritional Science That Gives Us Clues As To Why So Many People Are Having Great Success With This Meat Focused Way Of Eating It Highlights Dramatic Real World Transformations Experienced By People Of All Types Common Disease Conditions That Are Often Thought To Be Lifelong And Progressive Are Often Reversed On This Diet, And In This Book, Baker Discusses Some Of The Theory Behind That Phenomenon As Well It Outlines A Comprehensive Strategy For Incorporating The Carnivore Diet As A Tool Or A Lifelong Eating Style, And Baker Offers A Thorough Discussion Of The Most Common Misconceptions About This Diet And The Problems People Have When Transitioning To It

10 thoughts on “The Carnivore Diet

  1. SL SL says:

    The author has excellent credentials a world champion elite athlete while on the carnivore diet Not just a bookish theorist a medical doctor who is also a medical specialist, with a lot of experience in peacetime and in war zones well versed in the scientific literature well trained and well practised in critically assessing evidence author does not say this i

  2. Fred Nelson Fred Nelson says:

    Just eat a steak It is so ironic yet infuriating that eating meat will probably cure most of our health problems yet our government and media outlets do not see it that way..yet.

  3. Jacqueline Wheeler Jacqueline Wheeler says:

    This is a really great resource for the Carnivore diet, but is filled with tons of science You can watch my whole review video here This is a really great resource for the Carnivore diet, but is filled with tons of science You can watch my whole review video here

  4. Guilherme Zeitounlian Guilherme Zeitounlian says:

    This is a short book about the growing carnivore movement.It starts with a rather long intro about Shawn Baker and many of his life accomplishments.Then, it proceeds to remind us of the chaos that is the current public health situation, the obesity epidemic And tells us that a possible answer relies on eating nothing but steaks.The author does not go deep into the main topics, doubts and o

  5. Natalie Park Natalie Park says:

    I had heard about this book on a podcast and was interested in learning about this strange diet as it s so far removed from how I eat There were several interesting points about how we eat veggies that have toxins and can be disrupters of good health for many, vegan and vegetarian diets lead to deficiencies, and the great results many people have received with this sort of diet I think the truth is

  6. Shona Shona says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is the first time I have read a diet nutrition book where the author does not seem to have some desperate desire to convert as many people as possible Infact there are places in the book where Dr Baker states that, depending on your motives there may be better regimes for people He also says he has no intention for commiting

  7. Guillermo Guillermo says:

    I usually think that extremes are bad, and recently I ve been sick of listening, watching and seeing all the vegan nonsense that has been pushed to us through different propagandist means Don t get me wrong, I eat and enjoy vegetables and fruits and both are to some extent part of the nutrition path that I ve chosen for myself after many different trials and errors Although there s nothing I enjoy eatingthan a medium r

  8. Chevi Chevi says:

    Life changing book I have started a 30 day trial period of carnivore diet and so far so good.

  9. Fergal O& Fergal O& says:

    Quick read Good overview Eat nose to tail.

  10. Andree Andree says:

    A must read in this day and ageI want sure I was going to like what he had to say, I m not always a fan of the things he says on Instagram and it s often removed from the original woe I learned to follow in ZIOH, but this book encompassed all of the information in an easy to digest haha way It s a must read and a great way to start informing yourself on how to be healthy for life.Highly recommend.

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