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The Diary of a Young Girl Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life, Anne Frank s remarkable diary has become a world classic a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent testament to the human spirit In 1942, with the Nazis occupying Holland, a thirteen year old Jewish girl and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding For the next two years, until their whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo, the Franks and another family lived cloistered in the Secret Annexe of an old office building Cut off from the outside world, they faced hunger, boredom, the constant cruelties of living in confined quarters, and the ever present threat of discovery and death In her diary Anne Frank recorded vivid impressions of her experiences during this period By turns thoughtful, moving, and surprisingly humorous, her account offers a fascinating commentary on human courage and frailty and a compelling self portrait of a sensitive and spirited young woman whose promise was tragically cut short back cover For her 13th birthday Anne Frank received a diary she dubbed Kitty Shortly after her birthday with the fear that her older sister, Margo may be taken by the Nazis the Franks disappear into the night and go into hiding It is through Kitty that Anne records her thoughts and daily life living behind a bookcase in the secret annex.When I was younger I went through a holocaust phase before moving on to Harriet Tubman and slavery The funny thing is that Anne Frank s Diary was not the first Holocaust book I read, I think that was The Devil s Advocate Anyway,I soon became fascinated by the Secret Annex and the secluded life she lived for two years Unfortunately she and the other occupants of the Annex were betrayed and sent to concentration camps with only her father Otto Frank surviving The tragic thing not to minimize the inhumanity of it all is that Anne died mere weeks before liberation Anne s dream was to have her diary published after the war and after liberation her father saw that happen, making Kitty a time capsule to an unfathomable past View all my reviews on my blog She is too fond of books Why do we write reviews You have a lot of reasons I guess.But for this review there is only one I am writing this for my conscience Ever since I have rated this book, I always end up asking myself that, have I rated it with something it deserved or was it just out of sympathy some call it pity vote Reading other reviews although most people just rate it and proceed posed me with many other questions and also gave me idea of what people generally think about her and her diary.So I m going to start with DO WE DESERVE to review or even rate this book diary Yes it is a diary not a book And aren t diary meant to be something personal Yes they are, but it was Anne s wish to get her diary published and she even went on to fictionalize the diary by changing names.When I started this book I knew how it would end and who doesn t I had the least of the expectation, knowing that she was 13 years old but she just surprised me by the outlook she carried of life She thought and wrote over few such things that didn t occur to my mind until I read it but have applied throughout my life She at times made me laugh, at times made me feel sad If she felt something, her writing definitely made me experience it and thus she overcame my expectation by large margin.I have read in lot of review that her thoughts were way ahead of her age Of course they were, difficult conditions make you mature and responsible, but there were also other people living under the same roof and in same condition, the suffering had even effect on them I remember the letter exchange between two sisters, at that point after reading Margot s letter, for the first time I realised Anne was still child among them.Some say she could visualize herself and her thoughts and actions from different perspective and thus realise her fault.The thing with diary is that it is a lopsided view of the events She would write her thoughts and what she wrote of others were her interpretation of them..I have it in my mind but can t put it in words and why should I Does it matter what kind of girl was she NO from me Last thing that occur to me is that many people found it uninteresting and tiresome.I liked it, it couldn t get any better I mean they were in hiding for their life in a same house for two years without even opening the window they were not solving murder mystery I remember that when I was halfway through the book, I would every now and then turn to the last diary entry and count the days that remained I felt very sad and depressed and it would have been the last thing to occur to me that it was uninteresting I was just taken by her wish to see the outside world again, feel the fresh wind and to go to school, but This is not a book to enjoy much we read it to gain the insight of hardships that people had to go through during this holocaust Through this book she give us best view of the worst of the world No one has ever benefitted from war all it gives is pain and misery.All this being said there is nothing to review the book, but accept it as written account of the vices of the war.The worst question that seemed to have been slapped across my face was Would this book have meant the same if Anne had survived the holocaust and lived to become old Would it have been famous as it is now Well she didn t survived and with her ended answer to this question and no one can bring her back. My intention of writing a review for this book is to tell all the negative reviewers to SHUT UP I am all for everyone s right to express their opinion but I read a few of the 1 star reviews and I was shocked to read what a few people had to say about this book Before making an opinion I suggest people to keep a few things in mind 1 This is someone s DIARY not a book meant to entertain people If you think it was boring then answer me, how many interesting things can you possibly do locked up in a place for 3 years 2 For those who comment on the writing This is a 14year old s diary She didn t write it with the intention of winning the pulitzer.3.For those who commented on her ideologies or how nazism is portrayed Hello She was 14 And maybe..just maybe its justified to think the way she does considering she LIVED it unlike so many of us who get to sit back on our comfortable sofas and critically analyze every XYZ thing in the world.I believe no one has the right to review much less criticize a written document of a 14 year old s life who made it through the worst of circumstances and through difficulties we cannot even imagine to live through.Its a pity some people think the way they do.EDIT 27th Sept, 2013 I never imagined I would garner so many likes for this review This only means that a lot of people are emotional about this book and take negative reviews as a personal insult I wrote this review in a very emotionally charged mind frame A year later, now that I am older, wiser and mature, I realise I could have used fewer exclamation marks P I confess to feeling slightly voyeuristic while reading this It was constantly in the back of my mind that this was no ordinary novel, or even a true to life account This was someone s diary Every page written in confidence, each word revealing the thoughts closest to the heart of this young girl As a journal keeper myself, I sometimes find myself wondering, What if someone else were to read this which causes me to wonder how much to filter my words But then, isn t the purpose of a diary or journal just the opposite To record one s honest and unfiltered thoughts While reading Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl I do not get the sense that there is any such filtering going on From the ages of 12 15 Anne lived an extraordinary life, and quickly grew far beyond her years in her understanding and handling of a horrendous situation.There are surprises in this book No matter how broad or limited your understanding of the world events that threw Anne and her family into a life in hiding, I had before reading this held the general assumption that, Well, it was wartime They were in hiding for their lives They must have been miserable all the time Who could possibly find anything good or redeeming in the confines of such a life In hindsight, of course, I have had to reconsider I found bits of beauty, kindness, and even humour popping up in the most unexpected places And why shouldn t I Aren t our lives much the same Oh we re not dodging bombs and trying to sleep to the sound of gunfire at least not in Canada But we, each of us, are often faced with some sort of tragedy or travesty Sometimes we may have an entire bad year , or longer And yet, doesn t the buoyancy of the human spirit always shine through It is really tough work to be miserable 24 hours a day No matter how difficult or challenged our day to day life, we all have those little pockets of joy that arise, and sometimes it is those tiny occurrences that make the rest of it bearable.On a personal level, I found myself comparing Anne s childhood to that of my parents After all, she was only a year younger than my Mom and Dad I think back to stories they ve told from their teen years, and it boggles the mind to think that at the exact moment my Dad and his brothers were tipping a cow, Anne was in hiding on the other side of the world At a time when my mother was discovering make up, Anne was realizing that life would never again be so youthful, so joyous and carefree as before the war A generation was losing its innocence, but in very different ways.I would recommend Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl to absolutely everyone, for I believe that it holds some truth or enlightenment for everyone I do not own this copy it was borrowed from my daughter s school library She will be reading it next She is 10 And you can bet that before long I will purchase my own copy, for I will be reading it again someday soon.

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