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Kat and Juju An Unlikely Duo Star In A Charming Story About Being Different, Finding Courage, And The Importance Of Friendship In The First Book In A New Series From An Award Winning Animation DirectorKat Likes Doing Things Her Very Own Way, But Sometimes She Doubts Herself So When A Bird Named Juju Arrives, Kat Hopes He Ll Be The Best Friend She S Always Wanted He S Outgoing And Silly And Doesn T Worry About What Others Think The Opposite Of Who She Is Bit By Bit, With Juju S Help, Kat Discovers Her Strength, And How To Have A Friend And Be One While Still Being True To Herself

10 thoughts on “Kat and Juju

  1. Latanya (Crafty Scribbles) Latanya (Crafty Scribbles) says:

    Cute StoryCute story about being yourself no matter how lonely the feeling gets, or how others respond Great for youngsters around the world.

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    A nice story to share with younger readers Super cute illustrations.

  3. Kathy Kathy says:

    A lovely little book about being yourself and not worrying what others think about you.

  4. Jesa Rachele Burgoyne Jesa Rachele Burgoyne says:

    Read your Gays Badge Prompt Bird Watching Badge, read a book with a bird on the cover

  5. Sandy King Sandy King says:

    Beautiful illustrations and a pleasant message for small children.

  6. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    Kat is a girl who like to do things her own way Like coloring inside the lines or telling her secrets to trees instead of a friend It s not that she doesn t want a friend, she s just too shy to talk to anyone and come out of her shell Of course, that makes for a lonely Kat But when her birthday rolls around,

  7. Baby Bookworm Baby Bookworm says:

    Hello, friends Our book today is Kat And Juju by Kataneh Vahdani, a sweet tale about how friendship can help us overcome our fears.Kat likes to do things her own way she colors inside the lines, whispers her secrets to trees, and quietly finds beauty in places that others seem to overlook She s happy with who she is, b

  8. J. Dorner J. Dorner says:

    This is set in a world where the children get a friend on their birthday It seems to be imaginary Kat s friend Juju isn t like her But they come together to help another character, and that is the catalyst for change for Kat It s a short and easy to read book for young children It was anFirst Reads book for June 2020 If there s

  9. Stacie Stacie says:

    Kat is a sweet girl who does things a little differently than the other kids She likes to color inside the lines She is perceptive and likes to tell her deepest secrets to her favorite tree instead of jumping rope or playing with friends But, sometimes she gets lonely.On her birthday, she waits for her special visitor, a bird named Juju J

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    The artwork in this book is stunning Soft colors and tones are used to tell the story of Kat, who isn t like everyone else She struggles to fit in and is a lonely little girl because she s afraid to step outside of her comfort zone When the kids in the story reach a certain age, they have a special animal friend that comes to each of them On Kat s

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