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Learn to Program (Pragmatic Programmers) It's now easier to learn to write your own computer software than it has ever been before Now everyone can learn to write programs for themselvesno previous experience is necessary Chris Pine takes a thorough, but lighthearted approach that teaches you how to program with a minimum of fuss or bother Starting with small, simple oneline programs to calculate your age in seconds, you'll see how to have your webpage send you email, to shuffle your music intelligently, to rename your photos from your digital camera, and You'll learn the same technology used to drive modern dynamic websites and large, professional applications

10 thoughts on “Learn to Program (Pragmatic Programmers)

  1. Katy Katy says:

    I *ahem* know the person who wrote this, so... just so you know. But I think it's a great book, and I know how much time, thought, and effort he put into it. I served as a guinea pig of sorts through all the drafts and earlier versions. I was a non-programmer to begin with, and Chris actually tried to teach me to program a couple of other times before he started writing the book. The book worked! I don't program by myself these days, but I got enough u

  2. hoffnarr hoffnarr says:

    Rather lazily written intro to programming through ruby. Bizarre examples and sample code that one gets bored of sorting through.

    Beginners won't find it very difficult, but there isn't enough time spent on flow control or classes or basic OOP concepts for it to be that useful.

  3. Eden Eden says:

    I wish I had read this earlier in my career. Absolutely recommended for anyone getting started with programming or anyone who thinks maybe they could be - you won't be intimidated by this book. It truly is for beginners and it lays an excellent foundation to build on.

  4. Mary Dickson Mary Dickson says:

    What can I say? I wrote a Chris Pine Appreciation Post here: http://marydickson.com/chris-pine-app.... This is a great teaching companion. For one, the book has great examples and challenge problems — they’re fun, whimsical, not too easy or difficult, and reinforce key ideas from the chapters. What’s more, they’re the type of programing challenges that a mo

  5. Mary Mary says:

    I initially loved this when I first discovered it. It seemed like a gentle and carefully crafted introduction to programming with Ruby. The examples were thoughtfully done, if sometimes a little humorously silly, and the text surrounding them carefully transitioned from concept to concept.

    So I decided to use it to teach a class of new programming students. Their reactions were quite a bit more mixed. Most couldn't handle actually reading all the text, not

  6. Jessie Jessie says:

    - pretty barebones
    - first few chapters are literally less than 5 pages
    - in an effort to be conversational (and...funny?), author's voice is cringe and distracting
    - didn't feel like i had the tools to figure out given exercises
    - would've been super appreciated if in the answers where we see how Chris would do it, an explanation of wth he's doing lol. otherwise, is it actually helpful?
    - got to chapter 9 before i skimmed the rest of the material

  7. Puck Puck says:

    Some classmates are being driven crazy by the author's inner monologue but I think it's fine- I'm glad it's not a dry book, I like that there's a little personality.

  8. Kane Kane says:

    This book got me into programming and will always be a little special to me. Thank you Chris Pine. Ruby's a beautiful language and I wish to go back to it one day.

  9. Rafid Rafid says:

    Great book for anyone who wants to learn how to program.

  10. Mike Riess Mike Riess says:

    The best tutorial- print or electronic- I've found for beginning coders. Clear explanations for those without a tech background and practical application of ideas with exercises that include 'how you could do it' and 'how I [the author] would do it' that demonstrate better/best practices. The book is humorous, entertaining, and engaging such that it never overwhelmed me as a student. Not only does the book cover the basic science of code, it also gives the reader a sense of how code can

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