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Being Authentic Our Existence Is Fragile I Learned That In Many Intricate Ways, So I Do Not Take Today For Granted I Do Not Know What Tomorrow Will Bring I Do Not Even Know If Tomorrow Will ComeOn The Eve Of Thanksgiving , I Received The Diagnosis Of Stage Lung Cancer Next To Dying, I Fear The Spread Of Cancer To My Brain And Losing My Ability To Think, Speak, Or Write This Loss Would Be Devastating To MeThe Fragility Of Our Life Made Me Want To Be Authentic Therefore, I Am Writing This Memoir To Be Authentic We Become Our True Selves When We Author Who We AreI Am Afraid Of Being Forgotten Death Does Frighten Me But Than Dying, I Am Scared Of Having No One Remember Me Or, Even Worse, Of Being Recognized Differently From Who I Was At The Same Time, I Have Never Thought That I Was Entitled To Ask Others Not To Forget Me But, Not To Be Forgotten Is Precisely What I Yearn ForWhile I Am Writing For The Other, I Am Simultaneously Writing For Myself I Am One Of The Readers And Will Test The Subject As It Gets Written My Criteria Are Stricter I Want To Say, This Is My Narrative I Need To Be Able To Say, This Is My Narrative

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