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Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, the highly acclaimed translators of War and Peace, Doctor Zhivago, and Anna Karenina, which was an Oprah Book Club pick and million copy bestseller, bring their unmatched talents to The Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov, a collection of thirty of Chekhov s best tales from the major periods of his creative life Considered by many the greatest short story writer, Anton Chekhov changed the genre itself with his spare, impressionistic depictions of Russian life and the human condition From characteristically brief, evocative early pieces such as The Huntsman and the tour de force A Boring Story, to his best known stories such as The Lady with the Little Dog and his own personal favorite, The Student, Chekhov s short fiction possesses the transcendent power of art to awe and change the reader This monumental edition, expertly translated, is especially faithful to the meaning of Chekhov s prose and the unique rhythms of his writing, giving modern readers an authentic sense of his style and a true understanding of his greatnessContains The death of a clerk Small fry The huntsman The malefactor Panikhida Anyuta Easter night Vanka Sleepy A boring story Gusev Peasant women The fidget In exile Ward NoThe black monk Rothschild s fiddle The student Anna on the neck The house with the mezzanine The man in a case Gooseberries A medical case The darling On official business The lady with the little dog At Christmastime In the ravine The bishop The fianc e

10 thoughts on “Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov

  1. J.G. Keely J.G. Keely says:

    There is a vein of dull misery running through much of modern realism It is not even tragedy, because tragedy requires that the person be suffering as a result of their actions, and that they be emotionally complex enough to understand what is happening to them, and to feel the whole of that pain.These stories of mis

  2. Praveen Praveen says:

    I just finished the final story of this collection This guy is Awesome, a master short story writer.I fell in love with his stories almost every time.His stories are so simple yet so powerful in the impact that I have decided to write a review for each of his stories separately For now, three words for this collectionCapti

  3. WILLIAM2 WILLIAM2 says:

    Reread some stories Those touching on bipolar illness, The Black Monk trained as a physician it seems Chekhov was familiar with the disorder and the Russian Orthodox religion, Panikhida and Easter Night A note from Richard Pevear s introduction, His familiarity with church life shows in many of his stories, and his knowledge of

  4. La Petite Américaine La Petite Américaine says:

    I m not a literary critic, obviously My description of books as sucky trite trash, etc kind of make me wonder how I ever even majored in English Lit all those years ago But let me see if I can describe Chekhov in the way I ve come to understand him and his awesomeness heehee Chekhov was a doctor before he was a writer, he knew how the

  5. Ted Ted says:

    To give serious aid to forty outpatients between morning and dinnertime was physically impossible, which meant, willy nilly, that it was all a deceit During the fiscal year twelve thousand outpatients were received, which meant, simply speaking, that twelve thousand people were deceived from Ward No 6The stories in this collection translate

  6. Inderjit Sanghera Inderjit Sanghera says:

    Many writers pride themselves on the beauty of their prose style Flaubert would spend days composing the perfect sentence for Madame Bovary Nabokov wrote his prose ecstatically, his vocabulary was formidable and formed a core part of his aesthetic values Proust s composition was like a flower, the sentences formed a stem upon which the petals of

  7. Mark Mark says:

    You know, man, it doesn t matter who translates you You always sound just like yourself A casual observer And yet the casualness reveals so much about us I picked up one of your books yesterday, having a hard time concentrating on anything else The want to read was there, but nothing sounded good And then I thought, Chekhov We haven t read Chekhov in a

  8. Ritwik Ritwik says:

    I want to write a review and I don t know where to start.This is what Chekhov does to me Anton Chekhov leaves me stupefied with his brilliance with words and descriptions He can paint a landscape of an entire Russian circumstance along with their characters with their emotions written bare on their faces concisely and to the point like a surgeon The first fe

  9. Ken Ken says:

    Oh, I ve read lots of Chekhov in my day but usually a story here or there as opposed to coast to coast in a collection like this Pevear and Volokhonsky arrange these chronologically and choose their faves, omitting the long novella like stories.Hey, Mikey I liked it The only story I did not much enjoy was The Ravine, third from last The trouble with a collection o

  10. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    I doubt there are many better short story collections out there.They say he was the best This book confirms it.

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