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A Lion Called Christian In 2008 An Extraordinary Two Minute Film Clip Appeared On YouTube And Immediately Became An International Phenomenon It Captures The Moving Reunion Of Two Young Men And Their Pet Lion Christian, After They Had Left Him In Africa With Born Free S George Adamson To Introduce Him Into His Rightful Home In The Wild A Lion Called Christian Tells The Remarkable Story Of How Anthony Ace Bourke And John Rendall, Visitors To London From Australia In 1969, Bought The Boisterous Lion Cub In The Pet Department Of Harrods For Several Months, The Three Of Them Shared A Flat Above A Furniture Shop On London S King S Road, Where The Charismatic And Intelligent Christian Quickly Became A Local Celebrity, Cruising The Streets In The Back Of A Bentley, Popping In For Lunch At A Local Restaurant, Even Posing For A Fashion Advertisement But The Lion Cub Was Growing Up Fast And Soon Even The Walled Church Garden Where He Went For Exercise Wasn T Large Enough For Him How Could Ace And John Avoid Having To Send Christian To A Zoo For The Rest Of His Life A Coincidental Meeting With English Actors Virginia McKenna And Bill Travers, Stars Of The Hit Film Born Free, Led To Christian Being Flown To Kenya And Placed Under The Expert Care Of The Father Of Lions George Adamson Incredibly, When Ace And John Returned To Kenya To See Christian A Year Later, They Received A Loving Welcome From Their Lion, Who Was By Then Fully Integrated Into Africa And A Life With Other Lions Originally Published In 1971, And Now Fully Revised And Updated With Than 50 Photographs Of Christian From Cuddly Cub In London To Magnificent Lion In Africa,A Lion Called Christian Is A Touching And Uplifting True Story Of An Indelible Human Animal Bond It Is Is Destined To Become One Of The Great Classics Of Animal Literature.

10 thoughts on “A Lion Called Christian

  1. Ron Ron says:

    The memoir A Lion Called Christian, tells the real life story of the lion cub purchased by two men from the window of Harrod s department store in London That s right, bought from the store like a puppy This was 1969 Obviously things were different then Not to say that t

  2. Neli Krasimirova Neli Krasimirova says:

    Bu kitab y llar nce tatilde kitaps zl ktan k r ld m bir s rada s permarketten alm t m, ok fazla se ene im yoktu ve iyi kmas i in dua ediyordum ok iyi kt.Christian egzotik hayvan sevdal lar na sat lmak zere vitrine konmu bir meta iken iki hayvansever arkada taraf ndan sahiplenilmek

  3. Alyssa Thomas Alyssa Thomas says:

    Such a good book Loved it Good read and great story

  4. Kerri Duff Kerri Duff says:

    Heartwarming and very interesting I had seen at least one documentary about Christian the Lion before reading this, and it was lovely to reacquaint myself with the story The photos are excellent.

  5. El Cuaderno de Chris El Cuaderno de Chris says:

    En este libro se narra un hecho real que adem s se puede encontrar en Youtube y que creo que es la raz n de que en el 2009 hayan reeditado este libro John y Anthony son unos australianos que en 1969 viajaron a Londres, seg n cuentan era una pr ctica muy normal en los j venes de su pa s, y un d a sin pensarlo c

  6. Frogy (Ivana) Frogy (Ivana) says:

    3.5 5

  7. B. B. says:

    I apologize for generalizations in this review I read the book a while ago and I have no interest in picking it up again to get quotes This is one of the very few books I ve read that I both could not put down and wanted frequently to throw against the wall I couldn t stop reading because it s exactly the kind of story I enjoy a

  8. Kerry Casey Kerry Casey says:

    Nearly everyone has seen that beautiful you tube video from the 70 s of a wild lion running up to greet and cuddle two Australian men That lion was Christian, the men were John and Ace, who in their 20 s went to London England and bought a lion cub from the worlds most famous department store Harrods Which had a pet shop zoo in it back the

  9. Elleonora Tambunan Elleonora Tambunan says:

    This is to become another treasured book, as I got the used, first printing copy And I was fortunate to obtain it for a cheap price from a not so popular website, only US 26 plus shipping from the UK Had I ordered it from e, the precisely similar copy would ve cost me not less than US 78, not included shipment I knew about Christian the lion firstly

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Not quite what I was expecting This book was originally published in 1971, which I didn t discover until after I started listening to it This tells the tale leading up to the infamous YouTube video of a lion embracing the men who raised him when they are reunited in Africa I had thought this reunion came after quite some time, since the video just surfaced I

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