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You Had Me at Woof The Hilarious And Heartfelt Chronicle Of A Woman Learning The Secrets Of Love, Health, And Happiness From Some Very Surprising Teachers Her Dogs Julie Klam Was Thirty, Single, And Working As A Part Time Clerk In An Insurance Company, Wondering If She Would Ever Meet The Man She Could Spend The Rest Of Her Life With And Then It Happened She Met The Irresistible Otto, Her First In A Long Line Of Boston Terriers, And Fell Instantly In Love You Had Me At Woof Is The Often Hilarious And Always Sincere Story Of How One Woman Discovered Life S Most Important Lessons From Her Relationships With Her Canine Companions From Otto, Julie Realized What It Might Feel Like To Find The One She Learned To Share Her Home, Her Heart, And Her Limited Resources With Another, And She Found An Authentic Friend In The Process But That Was Just The Beginning Over The Years Her Brood Has Grown To One Husband, One Daughter, And Several Boston Terriers And Although She Had Much To Learn About How To Care For Them Walks At 2 A.m., Vet Visits, Behavior Problems She Was Surprised And Delighted To Find That Her Dogs Had Wisdom To Convey To Her Than She Had Ever Dreamed And Caring For Them Has Made Her A Better Person And Completely And Utterly Opened Her Heart Riotously Funny And Unexpectedly Poignant, You Had Me At Woof Recounts The Hidden Surprises, Pleasures, And Revelations Of Letting Any Mutt, Beagle, Terrier, Or Bulldog Go Charging Through Your World.

10 thoughts on “You Had Me at Woof

  1. Jokoloyo Jokoloyo says:

    I stopped reading this book after read a third of it.The first chapter was strongly gripped me It was a really You had me at woof fine writing, telling about Otto, author s first dog I rated the first chapter a 4 star If somehow you find this book at library, I recommend you to read the first chapter only But then for next chapters, I can t understand what is the connection bet

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    I wanted to like this book.I saw the cover, the adorable bug eyed little dog, and thought The reviews call it heartwarming and seriously funny This will be wonderful I love dogs The reviews were not entirely accurate.The first thing that bugged me was her pacing Otto was her first doggy love but he barely lasted until chapter 3 He impacted her life so strongly but there aren t many s

  3. Susan (aka Just My Op) Susan (aka Just My Op) says:

    If the cover alone doesn t inspire you to read this book, you probably don t belong to that elite and sometimes maligned group of people known collectively as dog lovers If you dip into the first few pages, you ll see what you are missing This memoir of a dog rescuer who never intended to be one is funny, touching, and ultimately satisfying.The author, who lives in a Manhattan apartment, s

  4. Lady Jane Lady Jane says:

    A delightful, light, humorous memoir of a woman who catapults from being a single dog owner to being a wife, mother and rescue volunteer in Manhattan Each chapter is centered on an anecdote from Ms Klam s sometimes uplifting and sometimes heartbreaking dog experiences, then concludes with the life lesson she learned She credits the dogs she has known for helping her to confront selfishness and o

  5. Genevieve Genevieve says:

    This book was not at all what I expected I m not going to lie I did buy it because of its cover since I am a Boston terrier lover How can you resist that face The back cover summarizes Julie as 30, single, and living in NYC and she is a rut and looking for love Then she dreams about a Boston Terrier named Otto which she takes as sign So she goes out to get this dog, whom she falls in love with I thoug

  6. Gary Anderson Gary Anderson says:

    I picked this up based on recommendations in the media thinking it would be like Marley and Me and My Dog Skip I like those books, so that would have been fine with me.But You Had Me at Woof is different The subtitle indicates that it has some life lessons in it Those are not heavy handed, and they arise naturally from the dog situations described in the book Good stuff.I laughed out lo

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This book reads like a long email or a Christmas letter, and it s written with about the same amount of skill as an average rendering of the latter There are quite a few emails copy and pasted into the book, in fact I really can t fathom why Julie Klam was ever hired by the big name magazines that she s written for, or why people think she s a funny writer Just because you write about funny things doesn t make yo

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    I d like to give this 3.5 It s engaging, funny, heartbreaking, and educational Anyone involved with rescue, or thinking about getting into rescue should probably read it But gosh darn it all, I may just hurl the next book I about a New Yorker who gets a dog and does all the wrong things but who learns and gets better next time out the window Can t you people do some research about basic training and obedience I started

  9. Kelly Hager Kelly Hager says:

    This is about a woman who rescues Boston terriers And, than that, it s about the special bond people have with their dogs You might think that it s a given that I d like this kind of book, but I usually don t read yay, dogs are awesome books I like this book because it s great and well written, not because it s about dogs If you re not a dog person, read this anyway It s not weird and all dogs are better than people It s sm

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Everyone thinks they know the best way The best way to raise children, the best way to raise pets, the best way to do everything I ve heard a lot of dog owners very pompously tell me, for example, that they only give their dogs raw food because dogs don t have kibble in the wild People also have very strong opinions on child rearing Everything from breastfeeding to spanking to letting your child sleep in bed with you seems to be c

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