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The Rails 3 Way An excellent reference, to be sure, but a fairly strong grasp of ruby ( than you'll get from tryruby.org) will help with comprehension It also helps to have played around with Rails some before you even pick this book up. This is a great read and indispensable and exhaustive resource for RoR I especially liked the sidebars by core Rails developers. Great coverage of Rails It would make a great book for a beginner but experienced developers will find it useful as well I hate the title, the juvenile joke was unnecessary. A bit bulky, a good read for all Rails 3.0 newcomers Hats off to Obie. Nice reference to Rails 3 Must read for beginners. It has a few flaws but is a great coverage of Rails 3 and organised in a way that makes it a decent desk reference. Definitely a recommended read for intermediate Rails developers. The RailsTMWay is a comprehensive resource that digs into the new features in Railsand perhaps importantly, the rationale behind themYehuda Katz, Rails Core The Bible for Ruby on Rails Application Development Ruby on Rails strips complexity from the development process, enabling professional developers to focus on what matters most: delivering business value via clean and maintainable code The RailsTMWayis the only comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering productionquality code with RailsPioneering Rails expert Obie Fernandez and a team of leading experts illuminate the entire RailsAPI, along with the idioms, design approaches, and libraries that make developing applications with Rails so powerful Drawing on their unsurpassed experience and track record, they address the real challenges development teams face, showing how to use Railsto maximize your productivity Using numerous detailed code examples, the author systematically covers Railskey capabilities and subsystems, making this book a reference that you will turn to again and again He presents advanced Rails programming techniques that have been proven effective in daytoday usage on dozens of production Rails systems and offers important insights into behaviordriven development and production considerations such as scalability Dive deep into the Railscodebase and discover why Rails is designed the way it isand how to make it do what you want it to doThis book will help youLearn what's new in RailsIncrease your productivity as a web application developer Realize the overall joy in programming with Rails Leverage Rails' powerful capabilities for building RESTcompliant APIs Drive implementation and protect longterm maintainability using RSpec Design and manipulate your domain layer using Active Record Understand and program complex program flows using Action Controller Master sophisticated URL routing concepts Use Ajax techniques via Railssupport for unobtrusive JavaScript Learn to extend Rails with popular gems and plugins, and how to write your own Extend Rails with the best thirdparty plugins and write your own Integrate email services into your applications with Action Mailer Improve application responsiveness with background processing Create your own nonActive Record domain classes using Active Model Master Rails' utility classes and extensions in Active Support A good reference but does come from a Ruby perspective rather then a Rails perspective, thus you will need to strengthen your Ruby knowledge first. Good as a reference for looking up info on a specific subject, yet not the sort of book worth reading in its entirety.

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