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Jimmy and Dawn

Jimmy flicked through the online catalogue, hand waving the empty air in front of him. His corneal projector displaying translucent pages onto his retinas that appeared to hover 50cm in front of his face. It was a site that he loved, and where he could read about the best male masturbator money can buy. It […]

Cumming Home With A Full Load And More

When you live and work together as a team it’s rare to be so busy that you don’t occasionally find a bit of time together. So even when it gets really hectic here at the AlexSuze home-office we get to have sex regularly, sometimes in the office, which is fun. But a few weeks ago […]

Awkward Conversations

Time was when you could predict the topics of conversation you’d have with your friends and family. But times move on and as I get older the diversity and randomness of conversations I have with people I thought I knew knows no bounds. How’s this for an opening gambit in a conversation from last week. […]

Smooth Shaved Pussy

It’s nice to surprise your partner from time to time. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, or expensive, just unexpected. When we first moved into a flat together Suze and I were like kids in a sweet shop. We tried everything, every room, every position … of course with what we know now […]

Masturbation With No Strings Attached

Being in the job that I am it’ll come as no surprise to you that I’ve given a lot of thought to what tops the list of male masturbators in terms of pleasure-giving ability. With the advent of mechanised, robotic masturbators the question can be even more specific, by which I mean what are the […]

Sex and Social Media

Sex and social media Social media is the biggest invention since mobile phones, you simply can’t escape it in today’s modern life. Sure not everyone is on Facebook, but pretty much most people are. Having to ability to keep in touch with our friends whilst sharing posts has become a lifestyle adopted by many; but […]

Confessions of Independent Escorts

“Well, I am not going to lie”, Angelina smiled and spoke loudly. “I love this profession and my job.” “Hell, yeah”, shouted all girls. This was a party. All girls were there at the club. She arranged the party. Angelina had 34 girls at the party and all of them were elite independent escorts in […]

From Secretary to Escort

Lisa was a gorgeous lady. She was a stunner because her figure was not less than a model’s figure. She started her career as a secretary of CEO. Other female staff members used to hate her because they could not make a place like hers. Lisa was an intelligent damsel. Many guys had tried to […]

Looks vs Technique

In this article we are approaching a subject that many people think about when talking about sex: how does technique trump looks, and what is the importance of those two aspects in making a good sexual encounter. This is because even though sex is part of our animal instinct, we all develop certain standards with […]

Is phone sex still a thing?

Life was different back in the days when we didn’t have the internet, and getting your rocks off wasn’t as simple and cheap as going online and browsing sex dating sites. If you wanted to have a naughty chat, one of the main way you could achieve this was by calling premium phone lines and […]

Hi-Tech Privacy Concerns Around Sex Toys

Sex toy security has become a surprise hot topic on a number of news sites recently. The cause, two sex toys that use technology to provide added features and functionality to the user. As Sex toys join what’s called the Internet of things this is potentially going to become a big problem. For years now ...Read the Rest

Sexhibition Is Coming Are You?

2015 saw the first Sexhibition, a lifestyle, fashion and sexuality show held in Manchester’s Even City.  This was a truly bold move by the organiser’s, to host a specialist show for adults in the heart of Manchester.  Nothing of this sophistication and scale had been held in the north of the UK previously. Yes, historically ...Read the Rest

Expand Your Normal Sexuality

Exactly what other cultures perceive as “normal” can be difficult for outsiders to fully understand. It’s not about the big things, those aspects of another country, or even region that are widely perceived to be true, it’s the little nuances that can trip you up. Most times you’ll find that when visiting somewhere and you ...Read the Rest

Buy A Special Christmas Present This Year

Buying a present for Christmas can always be a little difficult, especially if you’ve been with someone for a while, and what about buying one for yourself? A little self-indulgent perhaps. Well of course but if you can’t indulge yourself at Christmas then when can you? In either case, and this might be a little ...Read the Rest

New Pleasure Products – Smart Bead from Lelo

Here’s the latest from those naughty people at Lelo: LELO Launches Personal Pleasure Trainer that Teaches You to Orgasm More Intensely Survey Reveals 3 out of 4 Women Experience Orgasms that Last Only 6 Seconds Stockholm/San Jose – October 9, 2014: Swedish sex toy brand LELO has today announced the launch of the world’s first ...Read the Rest

Sexual Freedom

The freedom to self-expression usually through free speech is a right taken for granted by billions of people across the world. But what is less well defined is the right to express your sexuality freely. Increasingly it’s becoming clear that a divide is opening up between those societies where all sexualities that involve mutual consent ...Read the Rest

Venus Berlin Is 18

The world has changed a lot in the last two decades so what next for one of the oldest and biggest B2C fairs in Europe as it “comes of age”? This year the Venus fair in Berlin is 18 years old. So in one respect it’s finally old enough to do all the things it’s ...Read the Rest

Feeling Blue China? Is Too

When it comes to gay online social activity we all think “Grindr” which has become the community of choice for the gay scene since its inception back in 2009.  Grindr offers advice, information, hook-ups, gear and events to those who sign up to the online community. But hot on its heels is a new app ...Read the Rest

Australian Couples Search For Threesomes

In Australia like any other country there are people searching for new experiences for themselves and for their partner. One of the most common experiences that one or both members of a couple fantasise about, or at least exhibit a healthy curiosity about is having a threesome. While men most often dream of having an ...Read the Rest

Sexcula – Classic Sexploitation Movie Is Back!

To know that the film Sexcula is back is I suppose kind of meaningless if you never knew it existed in the first place and for most people that’s exactly their point of view. The low budget, obscure movie was put together in 1974 as an erotic-horror title whose sole purpose it would appear was ...Read the Rest

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